In recent years, China aluminum radiator has been widely used in various industries due to its superior performance, such as machinery industry, household appliances, wind power generation machine, railway industry, automobile industry, etc. Today, let’s discuss why aluminum radiator is widely used and loved by users?

Aluminum radiator refers to a series of devices used to conduct and release heat. There are many kinds of aluminum radiator profiles. Now, aluminum radiator profiles commonly used in China include electronic, electrical, computer radiator, solar aluminum radiator,cpu heatsink, fin radiator, etc. Aluminum heat sink is more and more widely used and deeply loved by users, which is determined by the superior performance advantages of aluminum heat sink.

1、 Good oxidation and corrosion resistance, long service life

As the surface of aluminum profiles can generate a layer of oxide film after anodizing, this film can prevent further corrosion of materials, making aluminum profiles have advantages in the application of radiator materials.

2、 Beautiful and diversified appearance, strong decoration, meet the user’s personalized requirements

All kinds of surface treatment can be carried out by means of integral aluminum die casting. There are many kinds of patterns and colors, and there is no solder joint. It is highly decorative, beautiful and practical, and can meet the needs of mass market users.

3、 Good heat dissipation and obvious energy saving features

China aluminum heat sink can be made into various shapes to increase the contact area between the heat sink and the air. The heat can be diffused more evenly and quickly through the heat sink, which has a fast and obvious heat dissipation effect. Compared with other materials, the energy saving is more remarkable.

4、 Light weight, good bearing and safe operation

Because the specific strength and specific stiffness of aluminum profiles are much higher than those of steel, copper and cast iron, even if the thickness of the radiator is required to be thin, it can still bear a considerable degree of pressure, tension and impact, and will not appear easily damaged in various use processes