12 volt cooler refrigerator car Key Features
Before you buy a 12-volt cooler, ask yourself: how many people will be using the cooler in your car? If it is just you, a small unit could be satisfactory. However, if you want a cooler to use with your family, or you’re a trucker who is usually on the road for weeks, you will need a larger heavy-duty portable cooler.
For those living in places where the climate is cool throughout the year, a portable cooler that reduces the ambient temperature by at least 40 degrees might be an ideal choice. However, if you’re camping or driving out of town/state for a few days or even weeks, a 12-volt refrigerator that freezes your food will do the trick.
Since you will be dealing with a cooler that plugs in, energy efficiency should be a priority. A solar-compatible and battery-powered cooler is expensive, but in the long run, it can save you a lot of money. Additionally, the less energy a product uses without compromising the quality, the better it is.
A well-insulated cooling system shouldn’t drop the inside temperature too fast when it is opened and closed. A slight drop in temperature is expected, but anything drastic is a red flag that there is an issue with the insulation. Otherwise, a tightly-sealed cooler should keep the same internal temperature when it is exposed directly to the sun.