World of Warcraft Classic released today after months of anticipation, and its launch managed to acquire extra than 1,000,000 visitors on WOW Classic Items Twitch.

As of 3:10pm PT, World of Warcraft had a complete of 1,137,604 visitors on its Twitch web page, which incorporates streamers gambling both contemporary and Classic WoW.

That number has for the reason that started to head down (simply underneath 1 million once more as of 3:30pm PT) however is no doubt fueled by masses of famous streamers like Shroud and others typically acknowledged for gambling games like Apex Legends or Fortnite returning to the version of WoW they played a decade in the past.

That stated, WoW Classic is reportedly having some launch server struggles as each person piles within the the front door - an comprehensible problem whilst a feature that allowed players to reserve their names revealed that it is able to have already got an overpopulation trouble.