A technique server is an character who offers vital court docket documents to an individual who has been summoned to seem in courtroom. When there's a prison proceeding, all parties should be notified. In layman's phrases, if someone comes to a decision to take you to court docket, you need to be instructed when and wherein to appear and why you're being asked to appear in court. This notification must be done in writing and performed via a person who isn't celebration to nor does that person have any ties to the courtroom case. By way of being independent, the process server does not have an ulterior purpose in handing over the court docket documents — it isn't performed to embarrass an individual, nor is it performed deceptively or in the sort of manner that does not provide right notification. At the contrary, a procedure server no longer only has no ulterior purpose, however a server is sincerely upholding an individual's felony right to due system.