You can have to do Audit Insurance to understand your business expenses, profit, and taxes paid. But you can be selected for tax investigation at any period, and while you don't need to fear anything in terms of fines or false declarations about your taxes, these investigation processes are so time-consuming, and stressful business that if you are selected for it, you have no choice but to cooperate. In this case, Tax Investigation Insurance helps you to manage your financial record. Estimated value can vary and mostly depends on the performance and future of your business-like, like the number of transactions made, profits, salary, and other factors.

How Can Tax Investigation Insurance Help You?

However, albeit everything is so as the expense and disruption to your operations are often extremely costly. Having a legal tax investigation policy in situ helps in many various ways. It protects your business financially with the prices involved in PAYE, VAT, Self-Assessment investigations, and it also can assist you financially and appeal if appropriate against HMRC’s decision. Advice and support services also can provide cover in helping you to know your rights and what you would like to try to do to suits the regulations. For instance, the arrival of changes like IR35 creates all kinds of uncertainties surrounding what a corporation must and must not do and which workers are going to be covered.

One of the foremost common reasons, why businesses fall afoul of the regulators is that they do not fully understand, what is required of them. However, policies do accompany exclusions. For instance, the insurance won't protect you if you fail to finish and file your tax returns properly and on time. They will also exclude any criminal behavior by you or another representative of your business.

Audit Insurance

  • Without Tax Investigation Insurance

During a worst-case scenario, where the negotiation is unsuccessful, you will owe HMRC money additionally charges too, that you simply owe your accountant, a complete cost will be more.

  • With Tax Investigation Insurance

The worst situation in insurance is, you can owe money to HMRC, but Audit insurance will cover your accountant’s fee, so you need to pay only HMRC-owned money.

How Much Does This Protection Cost?

The worth of canopy can start from £90-100 once a year but will depend upon the dimensions and particulars of your business, so it is best to contact your accountants to get an accurate quotation.

Peace of mind

Audit Insurance cannot prevent you from being investigated by the Taxman, but it will help to make sure that you simply get the simplest possible support and advice if you are doing it without having to stress about the value.


Tax Investigation Insurance has an extended-standing relationship with our insurance underwriters and hasn't did not have all costs reimbursed, no matter whether the client has been exonerated.