A difficult aspect of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is convincing the villagers to leave the island in order for newcomers to be able to settle there. It can take a long time for villagers to request to be relocated, and even then, the process is largely random, meaning that the wrong villagers will frequently request to be relocated. It can be extremely frustrating for players who are attempting to populate their dream island with their favorite ACNH Items characters, as described above. Fortunately, there are a few pointers and tricks that can be used to make the process a little less difficult.

A new feature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons makes it faster and easier than ever before to bring new residents to the island, a feature that has resulted in the game's relatively well-known online villager black market. Traveling to different mystery islands with their Nook Mile tickets will allow players to meet a variety of villagers from across the series, whom they can then invite to move in with them. Villagers may also move in from the islands of other online players, or they may appear at the player's campsite once or twice a week, depending on the game. However, while some of these methods require players to have an empty lot prepared in advance, others allow them to completely replace an existing resident.

Island customization is also a significant factor in New Horizons, thanks to the inclusion of customizable DIY recipes as well as a wide range of island terraforming possibilities. Many players take the design aspects of New Horizons very seriously, placing a significant amount of emphasis on collecting villagers that are appropriate for their island's theme or even just those that are more highly sought after by other players in order to complete their island's design. Considering that there are hundreds of animal crossing new horizons bells villagers to choose from, the process can be time-consuming - especially if undesirable characters refuse to move out and make way for the newcomers.



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Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Time Travel and Other Strategies to Get Animal Crossing New Horizons NMT Villagers to Leave
When it comes to forcing Animal Crossing villagers to leave, there are two primary methods. The first is time travel, which involves setting the Nintendo Switch's clock either ahead or behind by a certain amount of time, usually days at a time, in order to alter the game's progression. villagers in New Horizons have a habit of asking to be moved out about once every two weeks, which means that repeatedly moving the clock two weeks ahead at a time will eventually allow players to move out the villagers they despise. As an alternative, players could use time travel to arrive at the campsite when their desired villager is already there. From there, all they have to do is save their money and then persuade the incoming villager to remove their unwanted neighbor from their home. Due to the fact that characters choose a different villager each time, it may take several attempts to finally force the correct one out.

For those players who do not wish to deal with the negative consequences of time travel in ACNH items, the second method is as simple as simply ignoring undesirable villagers in Animal Crossing. To avoid accidentally interfering with certain neighbors, some players construct barriers such as fences or even cliffs. Some people believe that villagers who are ignored by the player have a higher likelihood of requesting to relocate than villagers who have a close friendship with the player. More methods may be discovered in the future, but for now, these are the most popular options available to animal crossing bells: New Horizons players who want to relocate their favorite characters to the island of Aotearoa.