Many people buy the car fridge refrigerator, all for its good looks. Matte white, petite, put in the trunk, it does not take up much space, the door cover is magnet adsorption type, the door handle is a hidden door handle, the design is small and beautiful, so it is really easy Let people fall into its beauty.

Every time a video of this refrigerator is posted, there will always be people in the comment area who praise it for its good looks. But in fact, it is not only good-looking, but also very predictable.
It's just that its appearance is so high that everyone ignores its powerful functions. So, let’s take a look at its internals today!

1. Compressor refrigeration
It is a compressor car refrigerator with a cooling temperature as low as -18°C. In the hot summer, the advantages of the compressor car refrigerator cannot be hidden. Not only does it have a low cooling temperature, which can be as low as -18℃, it is also not afraid of high temperatures. It can still be used in a high temperature environment of 40℃~50℃. Normal work, and this is far from comparable to semiconductor car refrigerators.

2. Both heating and cooling
This car refrigerator has 2 styles, one is pure cooling type, and the other is cooling and heating dual purpose.
Among them, the cooling temperature is -18℃~+10℃, and the heating temperature is +15℃~+55℃. It can be used for refrigeration, freezing, heating, and three functions in one box, which can meet your different temperature needs.

3. Remote control
This dual-purpose car refrigerator breaks the face-to-face restriction. That is, the refrigerator is in the trunk of the car. You don't need to walk to the refrigerator to adjust the temperature. You only need to sit on the seat of the car, take out your mobile phone, and click on the mobile app to remotely operate the refrigerator and monitor the situation inside the refrigerator in real time.

4. Low voltage protection
Is the car refrigerator safe to put in the car in the scorching sun? very safe!

The mobile car freezer has a low-voltage protection function. When the car battery is in a low-voltage state, the refrigerator will automatically cut off the power, allowing you to travel worry-free!
The appearance is high, and the cooling effect is good. Isn't it exciting to look at it?