I am grateful to you for assisting me in doing so.

In order for you to be able to place it on your bed while you are sleeping. Your bedstead won't be damaged by this. Therefore, kindly check the link that is provided in the description for approximately 50 funds.

I now have access to the text version. Oh my God, I go through a large bag every other time. Indeed, I was unsuccessful as a result of it. A fresh microphone was in my possession. OK, guys, let's go. I have the conviction that I am a power. Consolidate your faith, and everything will be fine.

Oh, God, I just accidentally shot someone, and God, it looks like you used a corner there. Okay, let me consult with the wise old man. I am aware that this item has a total of 300 HP.

Why does this happen, exactly? This is the first person who has been responsible for the deaths of Berkshire residents. Oh, my god, my god. I waited for him despite the fact that he almost didn't have any magic. This person had the thought, "God, why does he have no value in his life?"This is a very good point to bring up. Yes, approximately 370 of the 400 reflect what I just stated. Oh my gosh, it looks like this will be a chart for the evening.

It is extremely comparable to how my health is at the moment. I do not believe that it is intended to cause harm. Perhaps you believe that he simply does not possess a more advanced level of soul. I don't believe that to be the case, unless they are something like extremely low-level key rings that contain our passwords. You should know by now that our goal is to eliminate as many people as possible at level 30. This is the only option available. So, I came dangerously close to suffocating myself.

Let's break this record nowhere else but in Russia, shall we? Do you recognize the title of this record? In point of fact, this item features some extremely ridiculous AR; my God, cheap Elden Ring items must be 20 years old. Let it keep being 20 years old for the time being. I believe that his good friend who is 28 years old and who beat him when he was 22 years old is well known. Oh my God, he must be from another country. Where can I find him? Oh, we are not far away from him.

Now that  are dead, however, this is not necessarily the case. Indeed, we will be 30 this year.

Oh, there is plenty of time. Oh, thank God, there is still some time left. It seems that the time has been set by me. Oh my God, when that guy jumped out of the damned man on the ground, he didn't even have the chance to lay eggs because he was interrupted. I swore to high heaven that every single one of these guys is the same way. You are aware of the true nature of your actions.

It seems like these guys enjoy playing this game. My God, you must realize that you require assistance. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Oh my goodness, he doesn't even have it for a whole minute! We are in our fortieth year. Come on, double kill. I really can't afford poor medical care.

It's possible that we'll be 50 years old. It's possible that we'll get to 15 years old. I don't understand. Have we peeked?

It looks like a stream. It seems like there is nothing else Elden Ring runes can do. Let's do it.

Damn it. This is known as lint. He is as useless as a scrap of lint.

Let's go. God, yes. The abdominal muscles that Tiffa possesses are very strong. I was under the impression that this was one of you.

It's not quite a perfect match, but it's close. Don't be concerned, I promise you.

I'm going to take the risk, because what's the worst that could possibly happen? I sneak up. This is the most awful thing that could possibly take place. He is irresponsible. They have no interest in purchasing my exquisite lint. They do a good job. I'm about ready to blow my stack on the ABS of tifa. I got lint. He intended to search for the final bolt of lightning and then let him perish.

Oh, no, I might die. This is an even more ridiculous name.

Oh, no, I already told you that. I don't think it's possible to snipe across the entire map. Oh, I believe that one of us can start a very heavy running attack, and I did just that. Oh, my God, I want to pique your interest in this matter.

You are putting in a lot of effort. We were exchanged for other people as long as the monster was killed. Oh, I wait. How did you die?

I believe that the man was traded once more. Oh my goodness, that is so fascinating. Oh, wonderful.  Abdominal muscles. There was a dragon in the world. Come here, root, just because you breathe a breath of dragon to me; not because I've done something similar in the past, nor because it's a good thing to do; just because you breathe a breath of dragon to me. I've never done it.

So, what exactly is the problem here? It is imperative that we show Dex boy some affection. Oh well, if loving you means hitting the Yankees, then so be it. If so, then yes. Oh, yes. Additionally, he is very light. Young man, how about PS Elden Ring Runes for sale compete in a really fun sport? Wait a minute. Oh, you're right, I do look good. In all seriousness, I refer to him as the flag, just like the United Kingdom's flag. Oh, my God, I don't even know where he came from. Oh God, I don't understand how this person has been resurrected. I'm sorry, but what caused you to regain consciousness? I had you pegged as the adversary all along.

Not at this time. Regardless of the results of my investigation, our trading rules, which you have since changed, are much improved. The good rules have been eliminated, but there are still many knives available; however, they have been eliminated now; damn it, you shot. What a horrible experience it must be for those who wield this weapon. Sincerity compels me to pursue the alteration of my name to lint. For me to consider changing my name, I need a solid plan. Oh, there was no damage done by me. Oh, wonderful.  Oh, we ended up being fatal to one another there. That's correct; the girl is not. Oh, Ruffles. Yes, I did see you, you vicious little assassin. That is to say, I will comprehend. I came here in order to finish Tifa on ABS on the application, particularly ah, damn, hey, crusher, hey, and good 23 killings. It works in the same way as a regular phone. In a sense, it is comparable to a skilled contest. To begin, I want to have a respectable name. I will. You were also one of the participants in the competition. Bucky, Bucky, come on, you're all mixed up! Frostbite, yes, lint is my name, toy, don't hurt the open door, wait, I don't know what, I pressed the circle, it didn't roll, no, I feel, come in and see the lovely cat girl sniping at this side, hey, someone's horn plays hyena, I hit people with it, let's go, the entire map is lost, I survived because I got health, but my God, It's reallyI've had the urge to punch him recently.

You should not pay any attention to what I have to say, you cat girl. Kill steel. So, this might turn out to be really interesting. The term "softball" is quite appropriate. It's such a lovely sounding word. Chase, please come over here. I have the urge to punch one of you.

If you get too close to me, you won't be able to hear what I have to say. You are a young male. How is it possible for me to deal 14 points of damage with L1? Oh, I'm so grateful to you, you cretin.

Keep your distance from me. My God has returned. Do you mean he has returned? He has returned. Wait. Do not enter this building,The lint from a double sniper is in point of fact very interesting, which can be construed as a positive quality. I do want to make use of something that is more difficult to snipe with. For instance, Tifa's abdominal muscles made me laugh out loud; hahaha, I went nuts over Tifa's abs. Yes, my sniping is a little difficult and unfair, so anyway, oh, my god, you killed him in my goddamn gap. Oh, you must not have the audacity to steal the tower.

I'm going to steal the link. I have no idea who did it, and even if I did, I wouldn't be able to kill him.