FIFA 22 Ultimate Team on PlayStation 4 is fundamentally different from previous versions in that you must earn FUT coins in order to progress. While you can earn these coins through gameplay, it is far more convenient to purchase them. The best part is that third-party websites sell these coins at a much lower price than EA does. Buying FUT coins from third parties, on the other hand, is still technically against the rules.

Scams and schemes abound in the FUT coins trade market, just as they do in any other online transaction. Even worse, while these coins can be obtained from reputable sellers, identifying them is not always straightforward. The following are some indicators that your FIFA 22 FUT coins are coming from a legitimate source.

Reviews and evaluations
First and foremost, when evaluating PS4 FUT coin trading websites, look for reviews. Indeed, reviews do not always portray an accurate picture, but they do provide a point of view. Generally, a higher rating indicates either a legitimate trading website or a highly sophisticated scam setup. Sites with an excessive number of negative reviews and low ratings should be avoided at all costs. You can check the average review and rating of a website using apps and other websites such as Trustpilot.







The Security of Your Website
Make an attempt to access the website while using an antivirus program or while your browser's internet protection is enabled. You can enter the website address into a security program such as Norton and have it tell you how safe it is. Another option is to Google the website in order to see what other people have to say about it.

Verify the SSL certificate of the trader and even the age of the website in order to better protect yourself. You can also read what other people have to say about the seller on Reddit and in Facebook groups.

How Much Will It Cost?
If something appears to be too good to be true, it most likely is because third-party coin sellers do not produce the currency on a tree. Everyone involved in a business of this nature, at all stages of the transaction, must make a profit. As a result, while third-party sellers may offer FUT coins at a lower price than EA's official prices, they will never sell FUT coins at an excessively low price. If your FUT coin sellers are offering you unbelievable prices, you are most likely dealing with a scam.

Refund and assistance
If you pay for your FUT coins only to have your account closed due to a crisis, it will be a terrible story. Always check to see if the trader from whom you're purchasing has a refund policy that you feel comfortable with. Other times, there may be a problem with either your payment or your account.



Make certain that the site you choose has a responsive customer service system so that you can file a complaint in the event of a problem. Some incredible sellers will even allow you to return a portion of the coins if you require cash immediately. The secret is that legitimate FIFA 22 FUT coin dealers can provide all of this and more. As a result, another way to identify a trustworthy trader is to check whether they provide all or some of the services listed above.

Lastly, a word about
Despite the fact that it is technically against the rules, purchasing FIFA 22 FUT coins will not result in your expulsion from the game. However, it would be beneficial if you only used the go URL in order to avoid scammers and other unfortunate stories.