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TG8, TG9 Type Ship Spotlight

The ship spotlight is specially designed to help users ensure smooth sailing navigation and can be applied to the partial illumination when searching, night navigation, life-saving or water working for a middle or small boat. The spotlight structure is firm, corrosive-resistant and lightweight. It is waterproof and resistant to any form of impact and bumps and is capable of withstanding any weather conditions. It is powerful and can ensure superb performance. The lighting device can provide maximum and remote power to the spotlight.

ship spotlight


DC 12V/24V, power 100W/200W;

With tungsten halogen lamp, G6.35 lamp holder.

The spotlight structure is firm and it adopts good quality aluminum corrosive-resistant and lightweight.

TG4, TG5, TG6 Type Marine Spotlight

The type of marine spotlight is applied to projecting illumination in outdoor places such as a boat, dock, port, store place, and petroleum platform, etc. It is made of high standard stainless steel. The lampshade adopts toughened glass and high-purify alumina m reflector with an excellent reflecting effect. It has a compact structure and a beautiful appearance with a good seal and anti-corrosive performance. The light can be adjusted upside 90°, down 45°angle.

marine spotlight


AC220V, 50HZ/60HZ, Power 250W, 400W, 500W, 1000W.

With tungsten halogen lamp, High-pressure sodium lamp and Metal halide lamp illuminant. E40 lamp holder.

Compact structure and beauty appearance, good seal and anti-corrosive performance.

TG3-N, TG3-AN type ship searchlight

This type of ship searchlight is fitting for signal exchange among boats the visibility distance is 15n.m. It is made of stainless steel. The Illuminant adopts an incandescent focus bulb. It is equipped with a focus nut under the light shell and it can adjust lighting focal length. Inside the light equips grid, joystick, and can send the lighting signal according to the requirements. It can rotate for ±350°horizontally, pitching 30°by the life hole or controller.

marine searchlight


Fitting for signal exchange among ships, the visibility distance is 15n.m.

DC110V/AC220V, power 1000W.

With Incandescent focus bulb, E40 lamp holder.

It can adjust lighting focal length and it can send the lighting signal.

It can rotate for ±350°horizontally, and pitching 30°by the life hole or controller.

TZ5 Type SUZE canal Marine Searchlight

The marine searchlights are applied to the illuminations of ships over 3000. SC.G.T. pass though the SUZE Canal and the narrow sea-route for night navigation. They can search and illuminate the obstacle on the surface. The light body adopts good quality aluminum alloy and the weight is light. They adopt good quality toughened glass lampshade. The Illuminant adopts a tungsten halogen lamp.

ship searchlight


The SUZE canal searchlight passes though the SUZE canal and the narrow sea-route.

220V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ, Power 2000W, 3000W. With a tungsten halogen lamp, GY 16 lamp holder.

The light body adopts good quality aluminum alloy, good quality toughened glass lampshade.

The light can bend for ±30°, adjust ±180°horizontally.

Parallel light-beam, far illumination distance.

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