You don't have a lot of spare time to gamble, or you want to get to the endgame as soon as possible. We'll tell you some tips and tricks for achieving the maximum level of 60 as quickly as possible.
With New World, Amazon will soon be serving us a dewy MMO on the playful menu, and we, like you, are looking forward to finally getting started. There's also a lot to do with raids, PvP, and crafting, but as we all know, getting to the main course can take a while.
The picturesque landscapes beckon you to take your time, but there are also times when you just want to get on with your day. Whether you want to catch up with friends, finally experience the new dungeon, or simply divide your limited time wisely, this guide will ensure that you always stay in the fast lane.
We'll show you how to choose the most profitable quests, avoid wasting time fiddly, and turn your crafting resources into character advancement in the most efficient manner. As a result, you can quickly move past the leveling phase and into the endgame.

Avoid putting yourself through unnecessary strain.
Right from the start, you'll find yourself washed up on a glitzy beach that's teeming with undead. However, as entertaining as the active combat system is, the furniture of individual opponents is a complete waste of time. If you want to move forward quickly, you should stick to the quests and jog straight to the tower that has been displayed.
Once you arrive in the first city, the quest string begins to fray quickly, and it is up to you to select the best XP suppliers from among the automatically generated tasks on the city's bulletin board and faction emissaries.
The latter also provides you with three PvP quests per character, but because these fail if you die too soon, we would recommend the PvE variant to the majority of players. The majority of these are Kill This and That missions, which give you less experience than other missions but allow you to purchase powerful faction equipment.
Alternatively, you can simply make a point of picking up a few bargains from other players at the trading post every now and then in order to keep your armor and, most importantly, your weapons at least halfway up to par. Make certain that you only see products that are available in this particular city. If you haven't found a good deal at one location, simply look in the neighboring area.

Prefer quests that are financially rewarding
When undertaking quests, avoid spending too much time on activities that take up an inordinate amount of time. Fishing, in particular, is a huge waste of time because your catches are highly dependent on chance, and new world coins can take hours before the right fish bites. Concentrate on the straightforward crafting, hunting, and collecting quests.
The tasks on the bulletin board are regenerated every 30 minutes, and those who wish to maintain a high level of efficiency should become accustomed to this rhythm. Feel free to take on any quests that promise a lot of XP for little effort, and then plan a running route that will allow you to reach as many of them as possible within this time frame. If you accept the next round, you will be able to break up old assignments that were simply too far away or too expensive.
The tasks of the urban NPCs, as well as the main quest, are always sprinkled in for variety, as well as for a lot of experience and area reputation when you are already in the area. Do not abandon the main story for an extended period of time, or you will miss out on important unlocks like the Azoth staff. At the same time, use your reputation points to turn a few of the starting areas into level strongholds by allocating them to the XP and reputation bonuses.

Traveling faster means leveling up more quickly.
Every hour, you can teleport back to the inn to which you are obligated, and the regular high-speed journey consumes the raw material Azoth (the heavier your load, the more expensive the journey), but there are other options.
A lot of it has to do with premeditated death, which new world coins for sale punishes by causing minor damage to your equipment. Make tactical use of your mobile campfire (with a 500m range) and the urban spawn points, and die after a successful raid to return directly to the quest giver. If you go nappy-less, you won't even have to worry about repairs.
If you purchase a house in another city, you will be able to skillfully plow two to three quest hubs at the same time. Don't be concerned about the lengthy return travel cooldown of the cheap houses, because you can reset new world gold for a relatively small amount of Azoth. In addition to completing quests and killing (elite) opponents, you can earn Azoth by gathering raw materials, if you have a corresponding bonus effect on your clothing, or by purchasing bottled items at the trading post.
All unavoidable routes benefit from the addition of a second weapon with speed boost from the skill tree. By changing weapons and dodging with the bow, for example, you can activate two passive abilities that allow you to accelerate your attack speed. It levels up extremely quickly with hatch and bow, due to the fact that the acceleration of the berserker tree can be combined with that of the bow, and cheap new world coins also impresses with high damage and self-healing.
Because everyone gets full XP in New World, you can also use your bow to shoot at enemies who are already engaged in combat with other players. As a result, you gain free XP while not endangering your fellow players. Furthermore, the spear and musket have proven themselves in PvP, whereas hate and a large axe deal devastating damage to mobs.

Don't forget about the open dungeons.
Around level 25, you will not only have the opportunity to participate in your first instanced expedition and, consequently, your first raid for a group of five players, but you will also be able to explore the challenging group areas on the map. They are distinguished by a red flame behind their symbol.
These are filled with elite enemies and bosses who will reward you with excellent equipment as well as a large amount of character and weapon XP. Initially, you can get by without a tank, but depending on what you do, a healer will quickly become a necessity. Three good players are usually sufficient to gain control of the first areas of this type.
If you manage to effectively graze these elite enemies, you will gain more experience points than you would have gained from the city missions that have already been generated several times, but you will also remember to light a respawn campfire. Closing corrupt portals makes sense as well because, in addition to experience and Azoth, you receive resources that will later become important for the endgame.









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