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Breitling Emergency II


This incredible along with innovative timepiece from Breitling wathes is equipped with a dual-frequency antanna (in compliance with the Cospas-Sarsant satellite warning system), which will not only alerts search in addition to rescue missions, but also allows guide them to a certain spot, whether on land On the ocean or in the air.


Emergency, developed in synergy with major scientific exploration institutions, is known for a number of microelectronics and microtechnology revolutions, including revolutionary rechargeable battery power, miniaturized dual-frequency transmitters as well as unprecedented integrated antenna systems-three features developed specifically for that model. Devon TREAD 2 Shining Black


With 1995, Breitling launched the primary watch with a built-in urgent micro transmitter, which gifted a decisive blow. Performing on the 121. 5 MHz international air distress consistency, this first emergency was designed to enable the pilot as well as passenger to return accurately from a plane crash. It is meant to be worn continuously for the wrist, so it is a supplement to help standard airborne aircraft devices.


The best aerial professionals and the world's very best aviation team have accomplished daily testing and sporting of the first Emergency. These have proven its value in a great many search and rescue physical exercises and has become synonymous together with the safety and reliability involving pilots worldwide. About 30, 000 such watches have already been sold, and these special applications for locating and saving people in danger have really saved many lives. Using this type of successful and extensive practical experience, Breitling has achieved the unprecedented new technological task in presenting a new Urgent watch with a built-in particular positioning beacon. replica watches for sale


Emergency cases are not just a personal endurance tool. It is also an electronic stop-watch with all the functions useful for authorities and adventurers: 12/24 time analog and digital present, 1/100 second chronograph, noisy alarms, timer, second time zone, multi-lingual calendar And the end connected with battery life indication. It is furnished with a thermally compensated SuperQuartz™ movement, which is ten moments more accurate than a typical quartz movement. It is qualified by COSC (Swiss Standard Astronomical Observatory Testing Institute)-the highest industry benchmark to get accuracy and reliability. Typically the " watch" and " transmitter" parts are designed seeing that two distinct elements, fully independent of operation and also energy, thus ensuring bigger safety. The highly elaborate case is made of titanium, the favourite aviation metal, strong, light source, anti-magnetic, corrosion-resistant and nonallergenic.


It is for sale in black, yellow or red dials, and is equipped with a new titanium bracelet or a rubberize strap. The satin-brushed viser is engraved with compass scales, highlighting its potent technical charm. The double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal goblet and luminous hands along with numerals ensure the best legibility under any conditions. Often the world's first watch along with a built-in dual-frequency personal position beacon has unparalleled attributes. The satin-brushed bezel is definitely engraved with compass skin scales, highlighting its powerful complex charm. The double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass in addition to luminous hands and quantities ensure optimal readability within all conditions. copy men watches