Every lady who enjoys wearing wigs strives to achieve the look of a real and natural wig as much as possible.Is there a way to make our hairline look more natural and to make the wig look more realistic without having to cut it?

We have gathered two commonly used methods in the hopes of assisting you in a more efficient manner in solving this problem.

Using the hairline as a starting point is the first method.It is common for the hair around the hairline to be thick and unnatural looking.Pulling your short hair wigs back can help you appear more natural.
Another option is to blend your natural hairline with the curly lace wig, which is described below.

Let's take a closer look at these two approaches.


One method is to blend your natural hairline with a lace wig, as shown below

Despite the fact that lace frontal wigs are extremely effective at mimicking the natural hairline, they will never be able to surpass the real hairline.If you have natural hair, you can use a dry shampoo to blend your natural hairline with the hairline of the color number 27 wig, which will look more natural.

What is the best way to combine your natural hairline with a lace front wig?
The first step is to pull your full lace human highlight human hair wigs back an inch or two to expose your natural hairline. Step 2:
Step 2: Completely cover your head with the light 99j wig.
Step 3: Apply a small amount of dry shampoo to the dividing line between the HD lace wig and the hairline, and then comb everything together with your fingers.Because many wigs are extremely shiny and make the hair appear unnatural, using dry shampoo to absorb some of the shine and make the hair appear more natural is an effective way to make the hair appear more natural.

Plucking your hairline is the second method

Prepare the tools you will need before you begin plucking the hairline, such as a wig frame, tweezers, scissors, and, most importantly, affordable human hair wigs for the job at hand before you begin.

To begin, pin a lace wig to the wig stand and secure it in place with several pins.You must make certain that it is extremely tight in order to avoid the wig moving back and forth during use.

Using a foam mousse, apply it to the hair and then separate a few strands of hair from the front or periphery of the hair.

Step 3: Starting at the hairline near the ears, begin pulling the hair away from the face and back toward the back of the head.To begin, pull out a small amount of hair to see how it works; however, avoid pulling out too much hair and lace.If you believe your hairline is still excessively dense, you can go back and repeat the procedure.

The fourth step is to check for visible lines at the beginning of the lace when you are pulling out your hair.Ensure that it has a gradual effect, starting with the hair being less dense around the hairline and gradually becoming completely covered.

Step 5: Create a baby hairstyle.Separate a small section of the hair from the hairline, and then cut the hair with scissors until it is the same length as your baby's hair (or longer).

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