Though every driver knows their car best sometimes certain things could be a misconception regarding car service Melton that you may have not realized you are believing. Within increased us to the internet there is a lot of misinformation around that you need to be aware of before believing. 

These misconceptions are not just for service but also for Hyundai car sales Melbourne and the Melton car dealers that you might be believing without realizing that it is false information. 

Well, as far as car service is concerned, here are some of the misconceptions and facts about it. 

  • You Need To Change Your Oil In A Fixed Interval After Every 3,000 Miles

Oil changes are ideally required every 5,000 to 7,500 miles for most cars depending on the manufacturer. Considerably longer intervals between oil changes are now possible thanks to improved chemical composition and widespread usage of synthetic oils, as well as superior engine design. You can find the most accurate information regarding the oil change on your owner's manual when it comes to oil changes.

It is even said that this in fact is a part of oil companies and lube shops' tactic to push this idea with regard to the oil sales.

  • The Car Engine Needs To Be Warmed Up Before Driving In Cold Weather    

Engine parts definitely need to warm up there is no point to debate in it, however, today, the engines warm up much faster while you're driving. In cooler weather, starting your car before driving has no meaning other than to warm you up inside the vehicle. Idling the car in your driveway thinking of warming up wastes money and gas nothing else.

  • All Four Tires Should Be Replaced At The Same Time

Not at all, Individual tires can be replaced as long as they're the same brand, model, and size as your other tires. Ideally, the tires are changed as per the requirement. Though it is a different thing that the tires are recommended to be rotated every other oil change to make the most out of them.

  • Dish Or Laundry Soap Works Fine To Wash Your Car 

One may find it one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get rid of everything on the exterior of the car. But it actually damages the car’s finish. Further, it would contribute to painting peeling off and rust marks.

Instead, why not pay a little more for car-wash liquid. It’s designed to provide the needed quality cleaning without affecting any of the car's exterior elements.

  • A Battery Recharge After A Jump Start In A Few Minutes Of Driving

This does not any sense, given the time battery usually takes to full charge, especially in the winter. Further addition features like heated seats, music systems, and other accessories draw so much power that the alternator has little left to recharge the battery. 

Better than all of this is irresistibly discussed during the Hyundai car sales Melbourne with the Melton car dealers to ensure that you are well informed and are doing all the things right.