Two zones will be accessible -- the Barrens for Horde and Westfall for Alliance. PvP is restricted to dueling, and dungeons like wow classic gold and Wailing Caverns won't be available. What's more, gamers will begin at level 15, and may level up to 19 via quests. Play sessions are time-limited, but every time one logs off, their overall progress will be saved.

Other features include creating as many characters from various classes as desired, and integration with existing buddy lists on Widescreen assistance, tools to report cheating, and configurations for color blind gamers also have been verified. Stay tuned for additional information, as BlizzCon 2018 occurs on November 2nd and 3rd.

In a recent announcement, World of Warcraft executive producer J. Allen Brack was called the new president. Morhaime will remain at the business as a strategic advisor.

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick published a statement and mentioned,"J. has been Blizzard for over 12 years directing the World of Warcraft team, also it takes vision, imagination and unwavering commitment to excellence to sustain a community of players the way J. has for over a decade. J. is a motivational leader. He's shown unwavering dedication to our community, to innovation and excellence that is creative and that he cares deeply about making sure that the very best of Blizzard culture is going to be guarded."

In addition to changes in the president's function, Kotick also confirmed fresh additions to the executive team. I have understood both Allen and Ray for more than 25 years and they are two of the most capable entrepreneurs in the game industry. They will help make certain that inspiration and imagination remains the focus of Blizzard."

In his own statement, Brack said,"I am incredibly honored and humbled to serve as Blizzard's next president to buy gold classic wow and also to lead among the very best entertainment companies in the world, as a result of the passion and dedication of our participant community and personnel.