Several players lost faith in the MMO New World as a result of duplication glitches that resulted in an inflation of the in-game economy as a result of the inflation. When it comes to video games, players have always tried their best to make a quick buck. However, what made the problems in New World so severe was that exploiters duplicated everything they could, driving down the prices of anything that could be legally crafted or harvested. On top of that, several times the economy of New World was forced to be shut down because the trading posts and wealth transfers of the region had to be disabled in order to prevent the glitches from spreading further.
Why Can't I Stop Playing 'New World'?

For a long time, players' concerns have been voiced on social media platforms such as Reddit and the official forums. It appears that Amazon Game Studios has taken note of these concerns. New World received a significant overhaul in November, following a brief testing period on its official public test realm (PTR). The overhaul included significant changes to nearly all of the game's mechanics and features, resulting in an overall more enjoyable experience. As part of the release, Amazon also provided a comprehensive November patch that made significant changes to the majority of the game's mechanics and features. In addition to bringing about general improvements to the overall quality of life for all players, the update will bring about a variety of buffs and nerfs to New World weapons as part of the update.

Changes to the general layout of the world, new enemy types, and new quests are all included in this update.

In terms of general changes, the most notable is that New World players will now benefit from a 10% increase in movement speed when sprinting on roads, which will allow them to travel across Aeternum much more quickly, which will be especially beneficial for those who have to visit multiple settlements for missions. As an added bonus, players will receive a 10% Luck bonus and a 30% Gathering Luck bonus for every time they are flagged for PvP action. While encouraging a high-risk, high-reward playstyle, this is also intended to encourage duels and skirmishes between Factions. Because all of New World's trading posts are now connected, there is no point in running or traveling between settlements quickly. However, both of these changes will make the experience more enjoyable for crafters and gatherers.

Yet another significant improvement is the addition of more enemy types in New World, which has long been a source of debate among the gaming community and a contributing factor to some players abandoning the game once they reach the endgame level. The same principle applied to quests, which could become monotonous after a while, but this will change with the November update, which will lessen this feeling of monotony in the process.

Apart from that, a few of the main quests have been completely reworked into something entirely different, and quests in general are benefiting from mechanics that make them more unique and interactive, such as players encountering waves of enemies or certain items being destructible. Lastly, the Void Gauntlet, a new weapon archetype that was introduced with this patch, is now available to use as well.

Modifications in the world's arsenal of weapons

With the discussion of weapons still going on, one of the most intriguing changes is being made to the Life Staff, which will also have an impact on the healing system in general. Because it is equally effective in solo play, PvE group activities, as well as PvP Wars and Outpost Rush, the Life Staff has been regarded as one of the best weapons in the game for a very long time. All abilities of New World's Life Staff have had their healing output reduced by 20%, with some abilities experiencing even greater reductions in healing output. Light and medium armor now have a greater healing bonus than before, which has been increased by 10% and 5% respectively, helping to make up for some of the shortfall.

This surprised and welcomed set of enhancements were given to the War Hammer, which already had a high damage output thanks to its numerous crowd control abilities. The weapon has become even more effective, and as time progresses in the New World, it will become even more metaphysical in its effects. Improved versions of both the Sword and Hatchet have been released, allowing them to feel more comfortable in all situations while not necessarily becoming overpowering when compared to other weapons.

For their part, the Ice Gauntlet and Fire Staff suffered significant damage and, as a result, were rendered less effective. Ice Gauntlet has been subjected to a slew of nerfs that will almost certainly be reversed in the near future due to the fact that many of its primary advantages, such as the ability to be healed while Entombed and the ability to reliably damage enemies with AoE spells, have been removed. It was the goal of the Fire Staff changes to make New World builds more diverse, as underutilized abilities, such as Flamethrower and Pillar of Fire, have now become stronger than they were previously, while many passive abilities have been nerfed.

In addition, several well-deserved buffs have been applied to weapons such as the Bow, Rapier, and Musket. These buffs primarily affect their cooldowns and damage output, with only a slight increase in overall damage. Due to the fact that they were not on par with Magic or Strength weapons when the game first launched, Dexterity weapons were largely ignored for a long time, but they now have something to offer that Magic and Strength weapons did not. The Spear, on the other hand, is the weapon that has seen the most significant changes across the board, with increased damage on already popular skills such as Coupe de Grace and bleed applied through Skewer among the most notable of these improvements.

A greater variety of build options is very likely to be introduced, with the Great Axe being the only weapon that should be tuned down from its current level of difficulty. A New World player discovered that the Great Axe and the Bow were both inconsistent in their weight, and he reported it to the authorities. Some jokes were made about Amazon preferring the former because it is lighter than a Bow, which was a result of this. The changes brought about by the November patch are sufficient to make New World a significantly different experience than it was previously, which is encouraging for the long-term viability of the MMO.