Function overview:

The repeater manufacturer is a new generation of carrier communication, high frequency protection tester.

The repeater manufacturer is a handheld carrier channel and high frequency protection multifunctional automated tester that can replace the testing functions of a frequency selector level meter and a level oscillator. It is simple to use and easy to operate.

Its compact size: 228 mm×140 mm×68 mm; Light weight: about 1.6Kg.

It integrates various testing functions of hand-held frequency selection level meter and hand-held level oscillator. The working frequency band of 200Hz-2000KHz includes all the frequencies of the carrier channels below 300 channels in the test of speech channel, carrier channel, communication cable/network cable transmission. Especially suitable for power carrier system channel attenuation, noise (clutter) interference, harmonic distortion; Fast capture and automatic measurement of receiver and transmitter signals; Test the performance index of wave arrester and binding filter. The meter has wide measuring range, good selectivity and low inherent distortion. It is an ideal, high quality level measuring instrument. It mainly has the following outstanding characteristics:

● Set handheld frequency selection level meter and handheld level oscillator and other functions as one.

● Can be on the choke, combined with the filter test

● Frequency selection level meter and level oscillator can realize their own testing function at the same time.

The two machines can be set to different frequency, level and input and output impedance.

● Intelligent, digital, one-button functional interface.

● With high frequency relay protection channel automatic test function.

● Frequency automatic search function, can simultaneously measure the unknown frequency and its level value.

● Oscillator high can output +26dB level, frequency table high can measure +41dB level.

● Coaxial, balance has four impedance: 75Ω, 100Ω, 600Ω, ∞(0Ω)

● Use electronic potentiometer to automatically calibrate the level.

● Frequency stepping value can be set in the range of 1Hz to 9.999KHz.

● The oscillator level step value can be set anywhere from -0.1dB to -10dB.

● 320×240 Chinese character dot matrix LCD screen, LED backlight, all Chinese interface.

● Test results local memory, local reading and computer printing functions.

● The increase of the local memory, the local reading function can be viewed at any time up to 100 times of the test results.

● AC-DC power supply three power supply modes:

Ac: Use 220V ±10% (50Hz) AC adapter for power supply.

Dc: built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery power supply;

External rechargeable lithium-ion battery power supply, standby time of up to 8 hours.

repeater manufacturer