I think when it comes to franchise mode we must look for off baby steps of EA. Co-ordinators would be amazing who would come in with their own Madden 20 Coins. And how recognizable Madden players are using that scheme. Like Madden players will get a penalty to attributes unless they have 100% understanding with the strategy and Madden players get a couple of percentage weekly during coaching. It might add an interesting element to drafting and absolutely free agents where you might select a Madden participant more familiar with your current scheme so that the learning curve is not as high.

I have done a franchise where I made a custom head coach for the Giants, the Cowboys DC, Kris Richard. I head-cannoned he brought our RB Coach Dave Brown with him and that is why the Cowboys schemes run. Imagine if you could really do all that in game.They don't have the rights to all the coaches titles, but I recall in madden 12 you used to have the ability to employ O/D/ST co-ordinators and they'd provide certain boosts into the Madden player on the group. I'd take fake co-ordinators provided that we had them. Imagine being able to start out as a co-ordinator.

I try to get guys in the right place to help them arrive. My fear is injury. It seems like too frequently I have a situation where I get one of those situations (breakout or frustrated Madden player) and ancient in Madden match they get hurt for the length of Madden game so can not complete it. I was starting to be convinced that it was rigged, but eventually got some guys to succeed.

That should not happen if you're around 64 OVR. He would more likely be about 75 OVR. Particularly if he's a beginner. He'd be up for Greatest QB to buy MUT 20 Coins, and MVP, OPOY, OROY. Pile those awards on top of the stats XP up, and he will get a lot of XP and a development boost. Probably would find a solid boost right on Super Bowl week, so going into the Super Bowl he must be up in the lower 70s at least depending on how many games he had been playing (sounds like the entire season?).