Betrayal is a huge upgrade that reworks old leagues into Diablo Immortal Gold the main game, adds new masters, missions, maps and techniques, and unifies hideouts. To prevent them, you must hunt down members out of the organisation's four divisions and interrogate thembargain with themto find out about its construction.

You're able to convince them to betray their fellow offenders (thus the expansion title ), and you'll end up raiding safehouses full of loot to carry out high-ranking members. Eventually, you'll confront the mastermind behind the entire thing.

Path of Exile's complimentary Betrayal expansion enables you to play with detective

Path of Exile: Betrayal, the ARPG's latest expansion, is out today. It is a massive free upgrade that reworks old leagues to the main sport, introduces a new roster of masters and new missions, unifies hideouts, adds new abilities and fattens up your dungeon delves with brand new maps.

The big attraction is the Immortal Syndicate. This courageous group of scum and villains is doing necromancy offenses --oh no! --that they shouldn't be permitted to do. To prevent them, you'll need to hunt down members from the organisation's four branches and destroy their plans. What you do after you conquer them is the place where the new system becomes really interesting.

See, you don't have to kill them. Instead, you can interrogate and deal with them, learning about the construction of this organisation and who you need to take out next. You can talk them. It is similar to the Nemesis system from buy Diablo Gold Shadow of Mordor/Warand it's about time we saw programmers taking a page out of Monolith's publication.