What is Lost Ark Gold? - The gold coins serve as currency to buy items from other players in the auction house. Gold can also be used to buy equipment and swap endgame items. It can also be exchanged for Blue Crystals.

where to get Lost Ark Gold - Gold is awarded as a reward for various activities. This includes daily and weekly quests, island events, dungeons, raids, and of course auction house sales.

However, gold in the Russian and Korean versions can also be purchased through the in-game store

How to Earn Gold

Like silver, there are also multiple ways to earn gold. However, the currency is rarer, so a lot of these are timed events, or dungeons and raids that you can only do a certain amount of times a week. Here’s how you can earn gold in Lost Ark:

Completing Void Dungeons

Completing Raids

Exchange Badges of the Ephonian Union (Daily and Weekly quest rewards)

Completing Island Events

Rewarded from Character Development (Leveling and Completing Achievements)

Trading with players

Purchasing from the in-game Cash Shop

There may seem like a ton of ways to earn gold, however, a lot of these are time-locked. For example, you can only do Void Dungeons and Raids a limited time each week. The same goes for daily and weekly quests, as well as Island Events.

You should attempt to do as many of these as possible, whenever they are available to do. Gold is a crucial currency and you’ll want to do all you can to earn as much as possible! This is also where having alts comes in handy, as gold is account bound, and having alts means you can do multiple dungeons, raids, and quests a week after completing them on one character.

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