This is movement was in Runescape since the launch of Runescape two back in 2004. It has done a fine job of representing runescape player and NPC characters move RS gold, but there's definitely room for improvement. We're not aiming for a huge fundamental change to the motion here (sorry, the grid-based movement must stay for today!) But here's the two areas we could improve upon:Characters change speed suddenly during movement and stop using no acceleration or deceleration, and begin. This is nauseating if you use Classic camera style. Characters start moving in their direction when turning. This makes rotation seem unnatural and jagged.In 1 ability pal read everything you mentioned there were individuals with 200m in a skill even before the original 07 ya 1 skill cause that was their entire focus not all skills maxed out you are crazy if you think thats even remotely close to osrs.You should try using punctuation every once in a while. It can allow you to arrange that cluttered thought process. "skill" was a typo, there have been lots of runescape players with numerous maxed out skills before old school runescape. In recognizing the a lot of reasons why there are people maxed out in osrs than in the 07 game you have completely failed. Are some skills easier? absolutely. The average runescape player on older school is old, more knowledgeable, and geared more towards efficiency than the typical 2007 runescape player was.

That's painfully obvious to any sentient being that plays runescape regularly.There were certain aspects of the original 2007 sport that NEEDED to be updated. If runescape hadn't progressed, it would be dying off by now (classic is a perfect case ). There was no end-game content and ability like mining were just not enjoyable to train for 95 percent of their community. Introducing procedures that produce the skills attractive has been a no brainer for its health of runescape. The simple fact that you think runescape player development should be exactly the exact same as it was back when we were 13-year old kids fucking about killing cows daily tells me how little you really know about runescape, and how out of touch you are with the runescape player base.

To add salt into the wound, these obvious asset flip cash grab mobile games provide better customer support than Jagex even in the event that you don't havent spent any money at all and they do not ask for a subscription fee of 11monthly. Like on the Sims Buildit, I played with with it on Mobile when I am really bored while at work or through my commute. They supplied direct real-time customer support despite a 12 hour gap timezone when my phone had a difficulty in saving my game advancement to the cloud and also gave me 20$ worth of Simoleon Cash as reimbursement. I spent money on runescape before and then lol. Meanwhile, the runescape makes lots of money from sub commissions and MTX plus they still have not properly modernized all runescape, have poor clients service, have a clunky cash shop directed to the browser out of runescape customer for example its 2001, have the exact same ugly runescape player character versions since 2013, and obsolete forums.

This is the heart of the matter. It is the answer to each question. The only change will be attempts to further leverage assets for additional earnings. If you think you can change this, that any person or coordinated community activity can alter this you're delusional.Jagex hasn't been Jagex since the Gowers made the choice to sell their stakes in the organization. Jagex is now an asset owned by other companies to buy osrs gold safe. This will never change. Those companies bought Jagex with the expectation that they'd receive a return on funds invested. This is normal business practice and completely affordable.