Once I adopted Path of Exile's sprawling complexity, the dominos of my apprehension began to fall. I wanted to find out more since PoE goods I understood that its complexity is actually a virtue. The other day I spent an hour to the wiki finding out where I can get the remainder of the skill gems I need to complete my build, and there towards. Like a MMO that is fantastic, I am excited about the travel rather than the destination. And that is another reason Diablo 3's Necromancer, despite being a lot of fun never hooked me for longer than a couple of days. In a hour or two, I had power levelled him to 70, but that I didn't feel any connection with the progress I'd made.Path of Exile: Windripper Guide

If you've made it to the end game of Path of Exile, you have probably heard of Vault farming. If not, Vault farming is the most consistent way to generate money through mapping. This is because Vault drops two divination cards which benefit Exalted Orbs. Because it was relocated around the Atlas in this league Vault is strong. At this time, you can employ seven sextants to it easily. It was bumped up two tiers, so it gives more experience, although that won't matter .

You may have known of Windripper farming, if you've gotten this far. Adding more IQ means drops, plain and simple. Greater Rarity does not do a lot for us because we don't care that much about Particular items. We are farming rarity for divination cards and money drops, neither of which can be influenced by rarity. Thus IQ all the way!

The area where Windripper comes from, this is. Windripper is a bow that grants 15 percent IQ from enemies. Since we suspend virtually every enemy to buy poe orbs with Herald of Ice and our crucial hit probability, this is basically a 15% increase in IQ across the board. Together with IQ farming being the best method to acquire gold, this is just yet another IQ item which compels our farming to another level.