Brewster, the game's barista, rewards you for purchasing coffee from him and for returning to The Roost on a regular basis, both of which are encouraged by the protagonist.  All of the rewards that are available to ACNH players can be found on the page that preceded this one.




A slew of new features were introduced to ACNH Nook Miles Tickets 2. 0 players as a result of the game's 2. 0 update, which was previously unavailable.  The popular NPC Brewster and his café, The Roost, which was previously located in the museum's courtyard, were brought back as part of this update, which was made available in November 2021 and was made available to players on the PlayStation Network.  Those who have played previous Animal Crossing games will be able to relive some of their favorite moments when Brewster makes a return to the game.

Following their conversation with Blathers, players will be instructed to embark on an island tour with Kapp'n in order to locate Brewster, which they will do once they have completed their conversation with Blathers.  Following that, players will have the opportunity to speak with Brewster, who will inform them that they must return to Blathers as soon as possible. . A brief period of silence will be followed by a message from Blathers informing the player that the museum will be closed due to construction.  It will be open to the public two days after the players have accepted Brewster's invitation to visit their island, according to the official website.  In addition to being able to purchase a cup of coffee for 200 Bells and socialize with their peers, players can also bring in their own Amiibo characters to participate in their activities.

More than just including Brewster and his charming café played a role in the revision.  Players will receive a reward for their efforts if they purchase Brewster's coffee in exchange for their efforts.  When a player purchases coffee while sitting for three consecutive days, the first of these enhancements will allow them to purchase coffee to take away with them.  This will be the first of these enhancements to be put into effect, according to the plan.  Before this occurs, the player may even be offered some pigeon milk to use in their coffee to get them started.  Visiting Brewster's Roost in Acorn Canyon National Heritage Area on a daily basis allows players to develop a personal bond with him and learn more about his character.  Despite the fact that spending 200 Bells daily appears to be impractical at the time, the player will continue to receive gifts from Brewster if they continue to purchase coffee.

For Animal Crossing: New Horizons to progress, you must collect all of Brewster's gifts, which can be found in the game's shop.


Because Brewster will reward players for their coffee purchases by offering them a variety of rewards, Animal Crossing Bells is recommended that players include the Roost in their daily routines as part of their daily routines.  After purchasing six cups of coffee from Brewster, the player may receive a thank-you gift from him that includes a recipe for his Roost Sablé Cookie (a cookie in the shape of Brewster's head), as well as a recipe for the cookie.  To make the cookie, players will need one cup of flour and two cups of sugar, which will be provided.  In addition, if the player chooses to sell the cookie, it will bring in 950 Bells when animal crossing new horizons bells is sold.  The cookie will replenish the player's stamina gauge by five points.

Players will receive a decorative bag of Coffee Beans as soon as they have purchased a total of twelve cups of coffee, which they can use to create their own unique blend with the assistance of Reese and Cyrus at Harv's Island Plaza.  A reordering of Coffee Beans from the Nook Shopping app will cost players 1,000 Bells.  They can use the Coffee Beans to replenish their stock at any time.  As a thank you for their efforts, the player will receive a Cup With Saucer with The Roost's logo engraved on the side of the cup after sixteen days of coffee purchases from the establishment.  In the event that you would like to order this item again, you can do so through the Nook Shopping app for a fee of 1,200 Bells for each additional order.  After purchasing a total of twenty-one cups of coffee, Brewster will award the player with a decorative Coffee Plant, which can be repurchased for 1,600 Bells from Nook Shopping after  has been received once.

For a total of thirty-one days, the player must pay visits to Brewster and purchase his coffee in order to be eligible to receive the Siphon, which will be given to them.  If a player wants to replace this piece of furniture, it can be purchased for 2,400 Bells from Nook Shopping.  When the player completes the quest, Brewster will reward them with a Pro Coffee Grinder, which can be repurchased for 3,200 Bells from the Nook Shopping after they've completed the quest.  Following successful completion of his fifty-one cup coffee challenge, Brewster presents the player with the Brewstoid toy, which serves as the game's final gift from him.  When it is placed, it emits a cooing sound that is similar to the sound made by a Brewster Gyroid when it is removed.  This item, in contrast to many of Brewster's gifts, is intended for one-time use and cannot be replaced.  Therefore, players who wish to obtain this extremely rare gyroid in Animal Crossing should make it a habit to purchase coffee from Brewster on a regular basis in order to increase their chances of success.

NPC Brewster first appeared in Animal Crossing: Wild World, and he has since made appearances in a number of other games, including Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  As a result of his distinctive appearance, which includes small round glasses, a black mustache, and a butler-like demeanor, he is also known by the names of the blue rock dove and the blue rock pigeon.  In addition, he has the voice of a grumpy villager, which is a welcome addition to the character.  When you first meet Brewster, he may appear cold and distant, but as you get to know him, you will discover that he is a warm and welcoming individual.  Additionally, he is always available to serve piping hot beverages to your villager as well as the other residents of your small but quaint little town, which is a nice touch.

As long as you're currently playing an Animal Crossing game, you'll be able to find this well-dressed gentleman working at the Roost Café, though the exact location will vary depending on which game you're playing.  As a supporting character in two different games, New Leaf and Wild World, Brewster can be found in both games.  For those who prefer not to visit the museum, you can also visit his coffee shop through the Public Works Project in New Leaf, which is usually located nearby.  He does, however, have his own amiibo card, which you can see in the image below, in case you're wondering what I'm talking about.

Because of his affinity for coffee and gyroids, which he brought with him, his presence in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be beneficial to the players.  All players can benefit from a steaming hot cup of coffee, whether they are alone or with a group of friends.  In addition, you never know who might walk through the door of the cafe next door and into your office.  During their downtime, the aliens will pay visitors, and players can be invited to join them by using amiibo cards and figurines in conjunction with the game to make an appearance.