In the event of the 15 decades of the release of Dofus, Ankama wants to please his fans and provides either one but four new servers, in addition to the first announced! September 24, 2019 is the date declared by Dofus Kamas ilyzaelle Ankama in an official announcement on their website for the release of five servers Dofus Retro. The servers will restart the legendary version 1.29 with a few improvements intended but still unidentified. However only 1 server is intended.

Get prepared to be aware of the same thing as long as the hype of the moment passes. Ankama explains that It Doesn't have the possibility to merge Dofus Retro servers or migrate personalities, so the publisher prefers to prefer a Fantastic gaming experience within the long term Instead of several servers that can empty and deplete by the Following the quality of Dofus

To thank his supporters to the patience and excitement they'll show, Ankama has declared that an object in Dofus game is going to be offered to Dofus players: a Bouloute. The Bouloute is a familiar that increases the points of lifestyle of your character. Whether to renew your youth memories, continue your bare experience or discover the joys of Dofus, Nabur is the destination for you.

You have heard about the events in stake and you may take part in your cartoon. This guide will let you approach this expertise from the arrangements. Would you need to participate in your first cartoon? Go step by step! The first thing is happening! For this, there are platforms which you may check frequently to keep you informed about forthcoming events.

What are they? There's obviously the official discussion, especially the part"Animations in Dofus match", where are published the statements and reports of the animations, whether they are realized by Sadeurs or Masters of Dofus. There is also the part"Billboard", in which the different clans Dofus players frequently post the Buy Kamas Dofus Retro posters of their events. Outside the official discussion, Dofus game Masters and RP Guilds use a Twitter account to share their animations' statements. The very best way to never miss any animation would be to be on the Discord server"R?listes Douziens", where the announcements of events are often relayed.