You can't expect team search Dofus Kamas when it wasn't built to work properly. If you go using 4 elios or 4 cras or 4 you-name-it for Gobbal Dungeon is exactly the same. For HL and end sport dungeons, you require classes in key functions. Not just that the team search was broken, but also most HL and end game dungeons are broken, because they simply don't work with a strictly random assembly of characters, even if they'd belong to the same player which would give them a few coordination; nevertheless add totally random classes from team hunt, to absence of coordination, to lack of awareness on the way the dungeon works, and you get tragedy; and for a random group, you just can't expect all to stay up all night to do 49 tries, till they get it right.

How is it useless an occasion in which you get ceremonial items? In case a newbie lev 15 gets the exact same ceremonial item (which is not even exchangeable), does this make your thing worth less? You got me here! I said there, if you'd have read, you would have noticed"more liberty for pvm and pvp players, so they do not feel forced to do the contrary of everything and how they like the most to play". Request every pvm-er if s/he must spend entire bundles on pebbles available only from kolo, even for leveling up careers how is. They are way too many things now, for the costs for all mats from monsters have dropped radically (and will still fall more) while the prices for pebbles from kolo have remained the same, or have even raised.

Most of pvm-ers see themselves forced to pvp, to receive the pebbles they need following lev for many crafts, to buy Kamas Dofus Retro have a profession leveling procedure sustainable. The day will come recall potions will require some type of pebble accessible for kolo. The way I see it, there ought to be a way about it, I don't know, like, alternative recipes: utilize XXX amounts of monsters resources and YYY quantity of pebbles from kolo; or use XXXXX + AAAAA amounts of creature sources rather. I talk about this when I talk out of pvp. Or why not create servers for pvp and for pvm just, and maybe some for both genders; see where they would be more players?