Burrow has a year under his belt and Tua is constructed of glass, plus he can never perform Madden nfl 20 coins again. There is a chance a qb drops and we can trade up or wait till the second to get our guy, but I want us to take chase youthful. Dudes maybe better than Bosa, a fanatic. If not him line all day.The Bengals have done Andy Dalton really filthy. When he went into a well run team, that man could have been a HoFer.

I really don't watch college football, but watch the LSU vs Bama match and I believed Burrow looked just like a legit NFL QB prospect. Before Tua's injury, even on the reverse side, I saw what everyone else saw. He is a shittier version of Tebow and we all know how that went. I'd learned about Chase Young, but didn't know much so that I watched his highlights from 2018. WOW is. I feel like that I can create some great scouting reports and this was my account from his 2018 highlight reel.

Strengths -He's an all-world first step -He is more volatile (better burst off the ball than Mack) -He's more powerful than Von. -He's strong hands (can essentially sack a QB with a single hand) -He doesn't get taken out of a drama when engaged with an O-lineman -He can beat you with a speed or bull hurry. Areas of Progress: -Needs to focus on flexibility; he's bend, but do not see enough of a tear move or bend round the border -Needs to show greater combo moves (but that'll get better with training ).

I really don't know if he is not cheap Madden 20 coins, which is just something his trainers understand and NFL execs can evaluate during the draft process *Also didn't see some highlights of him in open area vs the run or in policy so can not actually say, but as far as a pass rusher, he is as good as I've ever observed at the faculty level. That is my fantasy.