I totally admit that those amounts can get really high, but if you play golf, any action, if you are really committed and RS gold invested in these things, then it is your choice to interact with that. My regional golf club doesn't have 260 million associates, though. There is a small gap in scale and in the era of those particular users. You chose to do your microtransactions on RuneScape however your Old School RuneScape does not have microtransactions, that's right, is not it?

Why have you made this specific decision to maintain that only a pure gambling experience and essentially permit this addictive element of this microtransactions to be in place over just RuneScape? Why do you do that? First, as I said, it isn't a part of this core game experience. It is quite supplementary. All the components that we offer in RuneScape is things that you really don't need to participate in if you do not choose. It is outfits that I can wear. If I want to be dressed as a magician I can take that decision if I want to stand out. It can be stuff as straightforward as extra bank room. Evidently, if I play with for a long time and I collect loads of items in the world, I run out of space. I can visit the shop and get more space in my own bank and so forth.

On your original question around Old School, we decided six years ago that with any online game, especially ours, it moves through a lot of development and change over those first 12 decades. We've been quite lucky to have a sizable runescape participant base, but as you make changes in match content you become quite divisive in terms of your audience and what they like and dislike. What we saw was that some runescape players actively didn't want to participate. One specific component was our combat system, which we changed pretty much in the way that you fight and interact.

Yes, but why do you have microtransactions in RuneScape rather than in Old School? I'm getting to this, sorry. When we did that, that can you buy gold in osrs had a significant opinion locally. Old School was really a manifestation on runescape players who favored what they'd call the classic edition of RuneScape. Old School relies on the 2007 variant, so the graphics are a whole lot more non fidelity, it is in a fixed-screen mode, and it's purely subscription so there are no extra elements. It was a way for us to provide freedom of choice. For the runescape players who prefer the old flavour of RuneScape, they could enjoy playing that version. We would like to continue to evolve. As you state, we aspire to be a eternally game, and to do this you're going to have to make decisions that do polarise the community. I am pleased to mention that.