Strengths -He has an all-world first step -He's more explosive Madden nfl 20 coins (better burst off the ball than Mack) -He's more powerful than Von. -He has strong hands (can essentially sack a QB with a single hand) -He does not get taken from a play when engaged with an O-lineman -He could beat you with a pace or bull hurry. Areas of Improvement: -Needs to work on flexibility; he has bend, but do not see enough of a rip move or bend round the edge -Needs to show more combo moves (but that'll get better with coaching).

I don't know if he's not, that is only something his coaches understand and NFL execs can appraise during the draft process *Also didn't find some highlights of him open space vs the run or in policy so can not actually say, but as much as a pass rusher, he is as good as I've ever observed at the college level. Hopefully the Bungals/Dolphins go QB and that I hear, with the 3rd pick in the NFL Draft, the NY Giants select, OLB, Chase Young. That's my fantasy.

To be honest, if there was a different NFL match or college soccer game for us to play with, that had all of the newest Madden players and could constantly get upgrades, which has been on next-gen, we'd play it. As playing with the cpu is no fun, play h2h. I play h2h as legit as I can and it is a blast beating up on the Lamar jackson scramblers.I have not played much online but is what people do? Play with all the Ravens to buy Mut 20 coins run with Jackson? Always picking the Falcons.