Both individual car owners and auto finance companies will encounter inaccurate positioning in the process of using the soap car tracking device. This is a big problem for people with high requirements for location data. Today, let's introduce several methods to solve the inaccurate positioning of the locator. On the premise of eliminating the high interference of the use environment of the locator, if the positioning is inaccurate, you can try the following tips:

  ① Make the soap car tracking device more exposed to the open environment. In principle, satellite positioning can be carried out with four satellites, but if more satellites participate in data analysis, it is obvious that the positioning information will be more accurate. Therefore, if you often park your car in the underground parking lot near high-rise buildings, there will be errors in positioning.

  ② Keep away from electromagnetic interference. The transmission of GPS signal will be affected by electromagnetic interference, especially some high-power equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to select objects far away from electromagnetic interference during installation. Keep the positioner working in a non-interference environment.

  ③ Consider "upgrading" the equipment. This suggestion is applicable to those car owners who have used a device for a long time, because the speed of electronic product upgrading is relatively fast, and the product details will be changed in the later product R & D with the change of market demand. The faster the star search, the faster and more accurate the positioning of the equipment.

  ④ Be sure to pay attention to the antenna orientation of the heap car tracking device. The calculation result of the positioning data shows the position of the antenna. The antenna is used for signal reception, and its importance can be imagined. Therefore, it must be noted that the antenna of the locator should be upward.

  ⑤ Give the heap car tracking device time to adapt to the working environment. The startup of GPS equipment is divided into hot, cold and warm startup. If your soap car tracking device is often used, it can quickly find the satellite by virtue of satellite position memory when working; If you don't use it for a long time, you have to search and locate the satellite again when you restart. This process takes some time. However, it generally won't last long, and after its positioning is successful once, the subsequent positioning work will progress very smoothly.

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