Once you get the hang of RuneScape gold, rs3 is so fun. It does have a learning curve but just learn gradually and do not rush yourself. Clan's are very helpful and my clan is essentially aimed toward helping people in your situation get comfortable with runescape and get fun. Let me know if you would like the clan information, if not, again simply explore and do not expect to know everything in a day. I don't know everything but that is sort of what causes runescape fun is discovery.

I have been using it on a Lenovo Tab 4 - 2gb storage, so I could forgive this review together with the notice that my device only just meets the minimum system requirements. However, feedback is feedback, and I trust that the advice I provide with streamlining the program can perform Jagex some great.

My first nitpick is a feature I found to be missing from Mobile as I got it running: The Sheathe Weapons button. On PC, pressing or from right-clicking the equipment onto the Action Bar and selecting Draw/Sheathe Weapon does this. On Mobile, this can be done... in no time. I spent a full 20 minutes poking around the UI trying to discover the button, to no avail. This can be added by tap-holding the settings equipment from the combat UI, tap-holding the bubble that opens the combat settings menu, or by tap-holding the Adrenaline/Special Attack bar - and given how much redundancy is already in the Mobile UI in some regions, I won't object to adding the option to those three.

Anoher nitpick is that a great deal of items tend to buy old school rs gold overlap the edges of the equipment slots they're equipped in. Not shown here are the Demonic Skull along with the Large Rune Pouch, which do so, as does virtually every item almost the size of this box on PC.