I can see buying tokens to wow classic gold have consumables and flaks being a requirement for premades. It may pressure players at high end raiding guilds to commit money for consumables to maintain their raid spots and ruin the community. Normal players would not have any chance to keep up with the treasure mill, because while they're out grinding to get WoW Classic Gold for consumables, the predator just buys more WoW Classic Gold and continue going. When the token is inserted, I won't be enjoying the match. No way.

"When was the last time BOE's were pre-raid bis?" Vanilla. There are a great deal of BoE pre-bis (or nearly pre-bis) items in vanilla WoW.

Not enough to affect the economy? These items length throughout every class from the game. A variety of them are able to be utilized as pre-bis for courses. Furthermore, there are far more than I've listed which are slightly lower on the grade list of pre-bis items. The point is, vanilla is not the same type of market as any expansion following it, and thus the WoW token is not feasible for the integrity of the game.

If loot share makes it to the game, using a wow token will destroy the game completely.There will be auctions proceeding on after somebody obtains an item. You'll essentially have the capability to purchase ingame items with real money. Purchase the token, sell it for WoW Classic Gold, win against the unethical whisper auctions going after loot drops throughout raids.You encourage gamers to obtain and promote raid loot for WoW Classic Gold, even if they don't require the product, to purchase wow tokens to not need to pay their own subs. You promote gamers want high value things and also to buy classic gold wow be greedy. You encourage WoW Classic Gold farming generally which will purify the market more than it will normally.