At present, China only accounts for 2% of the world's medical device moulds. The ratio of drug to medical device consumption is only 2.5: 1, compared with 1: 1 in developed countries. The per capita annual consumption cost of medical plastics in the United States is 300 US dollars, while China Only 30 yuan, showing the great development potential.

 In the international market, due to the continuous increase of labor costs in industrial developed countries, in order to reduce production costs, they are constantly transferring moulds to developing countries, especially developing countries like China, which have better technical foundations. The tendency of multinational companies to purchase moulds in China is still developing, and the development of international emerging markets is also promising. However, the market is increasingly demanding moulds. For example, emerging industries such as automobile lightweight, intelligent forming, new energy, aerospace, biomedicine, rail transportation, and smart grid are all national development priorities during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period. Of course, the moulds required around these priorities are also the mould industry. Many of the development priorities need to be newly developed, and many technologies need to be broken through. It is necessary to use this as a breakthrough to drive the overall level of the industry.

The service life of China's moulds with low precision and die life is generally only about 1/3 of the advanced level abroad. Long production cycles, poor quality reliability and stability, etc. have long puzzled the development of the industry. At the same time, there are also large gaps in China's research and development capabilities, personnel quality, and basic theory and technology research on mould design and manufacturing. As a result, the development of new areas of moulds and the development of new products is slow and high-tech. The proportion of the content mould is much lower than that of foreign countries, which is about 60% in foreign countries and less than 40% in domestic.

 It took us more than 10 years for the mould export to exceed 100 million US dollars, and it took 7 years to develop from 100 million US dollars to 1 billion US dollars. Now the export has been close to 5 billion US dollars. It can be said that China's mould industry has a considerable foundation. However, the base is large. To achieve the goal of doubling exports during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, we must actively cultivate export bases and key export enterprises. Of course, expanding foreign trade and developing exports is not only to achieve the export goal of 5 billion US dollars, but more importantly to achieve the integration with the international market through the completion of this task to promote China's medical mould technology and the comprehensive level of the industry. improve


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