Temtem Ganki might resemble a critter, but those eyes lies a beast. Ganki has become a stand out for tamers because this little guy of Temtem Pansun is crucial to success on the very first island of Temtem's entire world. Temtem Ganki is a Wind and Electric-type Temtem and is #113 in the Tempedia (but #1 in my heart). Regrettably, it has one of the lowest HP stats from the sport (38) although that doesn't stop it from getting some strong attacks and high special defence. It's a strong Temtem to have early, so let's get into where to find it, what techniques it's, and how to evolve it.

Ganki is among a handful of Temtem the very first island, Deniz, which makes it quite easy to grab, which you can catch on. The first place you can catch one in the grassy regions of Thalassian Cliffs, just after you depart the city of Brical de Mar.. The Ganki in those areas vary from approximately level 5-8. They are also common on The Gifted Bridges, past the aircraft city of Arrisola and towards the top of the island. The area is within the floors of the Windward Fort, and it'll spring via random experiences on you. Ganki's amount here is higher.

Its strikes are also effective at which it can do up to harm. Be cautious if you're up against Earth and Crystal kinds, as Ganki will take 2x damage.Ganki includes two specialized traits. The first is Botanophobia which means that when it is attacked using a Nature Temtem, 50% increase. The next is Cold-Natured meaning that when Ganki is hit with a status condition that is chilly, Ganki gets frozen instead. Other Temtem need to get hit but Ganki, the poor little man, goes straight meaning it can not attack.

Temtem are different to Pokemon because cheap Temtem Pansun they don't evolve at a specific level, but after a number of levels. Ganki will evolve into Gazuma after 27 amounts, which is a version of Ganki, but with bigger horns and much more floof. Gazuma attributes are its Special Attack and Defense stats from its foundation ones. For you to be evolved by Ganki need to level the small man up 27 times, then. If you caught one it evolves in 42, and so on, if you captured a level 10 Ganki it will evolve at level 37.