Without changing the direction of the three-way stopcock, an intravenous (IV) dropper was connected to the injection port on the Y site, causing the drug solution to stop for 30 minutes. An error was found after the syringe pump clogging alarm sounded



The patient end of the three-way stopcock is temporarily closed for operation. After the operation was completed, because the flow to the patient was not turned on, the blocking alarm of the infusion pump sounded.



When using a three-way stopcock, check the position of the stopcock / rod.


In many cases, it is necessary to confirm the habit formation, and always confirm the flow of the drug solution after operating the three-way stopcock.


Do not rotate the 180 ° cock more than 180 degrees! (The cock / rod will be lifted up and may cause the drug solution to leak)



A Three Way Stopcock   is connected to a stopper / valve and intravenous drip tube to administer antibiotics. After antibiotics were applied, the stopper and intravenous drip tube were accidentally pulled out, and the patient's blood leaked



When removing the IV tube from the three-way stopcock, make sure not to accidentally remove the stopper / valve.



There is "3-way stopcock with built-in plug / valve". Always check whether the plug you use has a built-in plug / valve.


Several three-way cocks are connected to the central venous catheter. After being in bed for a while, the joint between the three-way cock was loose, and blood and infusion fluid leaked out.



If you need to connect multiple three-way cocks together, please note that the joints are loose and broken due to squeezing or pulling by the body.


Regularly check the connectors for looseness and / or displacement or leakage.


When the three-way stopcocks are connected together, there is joint breakage or looseness. Avoid connecting tee cocks as much as possible together

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