The use of the Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine solves the printing problems in all walks of life, but there are always some headaches during use. Today we mainly analyze what causes the opening rotary screen printing machine to seal the net? The biggest source of solution for the closed screen is the ink, and then the analysis will start from the ink!

Larger particles in the printing ink will cause the screen sealing, which requires the buyer to strictly control the ink particle size. The second is that the ink condenses on the screen printing plate after drying to block the mesh, so when using a screen printing machine, make sure that the screen is clean and the humidity of the ink is appropriate. The viscosity of the third ink is too high, blocking the screen to form a closed screen.

In addition, the temperature of the ink will also affect the sealing network. For example, the lower the temperature, the poorer the fluidity of the ink, thereby blocking the mesh. The above is the analysis of the reasons for the sealing of the equipment introduced by Licheng Flat Screen Printer Factory. If you have other aspects to understand, please come and leave us a message.