Recently, the Shadowlands extended release window has been confirmed to appear on PCs this fall. While we are waiting for the Shadowlands to be released, Blizzard is still releasing other news of World of Warcraft. It is worth noting that World of Warcraft has released a new WOW Classic Gold For Sale novel called "Shadow Rise". This novel has recently been very Popular with players.

If you pay attention to World of Warcraft, you will find that Blizzard is constantly hyping the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft, causing players to eagerly want to see what the Shadowlands can provide them. And the developers of the Shadowlands recently introduced players to the new content and changes that the Shadowlands will bring, and even the appearance of characters worth collecting. This will make players who are still fighting for the content of "Azeroth" very much looking forward to all the WOW Classic Gold new content that the expansion will bring.

Although the content of World of Warcraft is no longer fresh, it is even a bit old. But World of Warcraft is very popular with the Battle of Azeroth, and the character that attracted fans in one of its early movie trailers will not be outdated in the minds of players. It is worth mentioning here that Zekhan, formerly known as ‘Zappy Boi’ by World of Warcraft players, is a jungle troll shaman, but recently in World of Warcraft novels, we usually call him ‘Zappy Boi’.