When you take in information, if you want to remember it more effectively a very powerful way of doing this is to remix that, is to change that information So if you're looking at information in a textbook think of a rhyme, think of a pattern, maybe make a video maybe make a colored diagram, an illustration to help you to change that information to help you remember it at a deeper level. You don't just want to read it and study it and then regurgitate you want to change it in some way. So the next thing is get to your spot and what I mean by this is What is the space, the place, the environment that you're the most productive in, that you're the most focused in? One of the things that we forget as human beings is that we are influenced by our environments. the kind of student that you are in your classroom is different to the kind of student that you're gonna be in your bed when you're under the covers and you've got your laptop on your lap you're going to be more productive in one area than another.

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So find out what that is for you and make sure you get to that spot as quickly as possible. Most of the difficulty when it comes to studying is not in the studying itself it's in the activation energy required I talked about this in the previous video that I did with this channel go ahead and go and check that one out Sometimes we focus on getting more motivation, improving our techniques and trying to fuel our rocketship even more. For another way of making your studying more effective is to remove the resistance to cut out the distractions like social media so don't have your phone next to you turn it off, put it in a different room remove any kind of distraction and I'm talking about people. Your dog, put your dog in a different room, if you have a pet or an animal that distracts you go somewhere where you cannot be distracted and the only single thing that you can do is focus on the most important thing and the most important thing is studying, revising, learning, removing those distractions so less effort and energy is required for you to focus and you can use it on what's important and that brings me to the next point, you want to work at two levels!

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 so increase your fuel and your motivation to study think about it and write it down, tell people why you are doing this I'm doing this because I want to become a doctor an engineer, an entrepreneur, a social activist, a campaigner. And at the same time remove the blocks that are stopping you remove the activation energy required for you to start studying. So before you go to bed at night have your notebook out and ready on your desk make sure it's free of any clutter, even have the pen ready so the only thing you have to do is sit down and start taking notes you don't even have to write the title or the date because those things are already done and what you want to realize here is that success… Success is a setup it's not an accident, so make it happen that way plan and set yourself up for success. Habits, let's talk about habits because as much as you want to be motivated if you want these things to be effortless you need to build habits. Now think about brushing your teeth every morning when it comes to brushing your teeth it doesn't require motivation you don't watch a motivational video for you to brush your teeth or for you to go to the toilet or for you to put your shoes on in the morning.