Recently, many game mechanics and functions in World of Warcraft will begin to change, because the new expansion of the game, Shadowlands, will be officially released on October 27th. Players have been waiting for a full two years since the last expansion of World of Warcraft called Battle for Azeroth was released, and BfA supporters and critics seem to be optimistic about some of the changes in the Shadowlands expansion. In the remaining time, players have enough time to catch up with the latest content, but even experienced players may overlook some important things in the game, and we had better be able to complete them before October 27.

Players first need to confirm that the WOW Classic Gold computer hard disk has been optimized for the update, and then begin to look forward to the arrival of Shadowlands. Because the new expansion of World of Warcraft has increased the minimum PC system requirements, players need to use SSD to play World of Warcraft for the first time. It can be seen the complexity of the changes in the new expansion of World of Warcraft, because Blizzard has never explicitly required players to use SSDs to play games in the past, although SSDs can help players reduce loading time and enhance game performance. If you have determined that your PC system meets the minimum requirements of Shadowlands, then you are ready to complete the following things.

Train all your current characters to level 120
In the previously released expansions of World of Warcraft, the player's level cap has been continuously increasing, and reached an astonishing 120 in BfA. After the Shadowlands expansion is released, the player's maximum level will be reduced to 60, which is the upper level limit when World of Warcraft was just released. In other words, if players want to experience the content of Shadowlands, they need to reach at least level 50, which corresponds to the current level of 120. Blizzard said that players who have reached level 120 still need to grind out the last 10 levels after the new expansion is released, so no one can reach level 60 at the beginning and experience the endgame contents directly. But this can still save you the time needed to go from level 1 to level 50 in the new expansion.

Collect the mounts that will disappear in Shadowlands
After the Shadowlands 9.0.1 pre-patch is released, two mounts will be removed. The first is Awakened Mindborer. Players need to complete all 12 dungeons of Mythic+ difficulty in the BfA expansion within a certain period of time to obtain this rare mount. When you get the mount, you will also achieve the "Battle for Azeroth Keystone Master: Season 4" achievement. For perfectionists, it must be obtained before the pre-patch is released. Another mount is called the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur. If you miss the opportunity to get it in the BfA expansion, you can only buy it from vendors for 5 million gold. It's worth noting that you still have to wait for Shadowlands to be released before you can buy it on the black market.

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