Many World of Warcraft players have experienced a very strange failure on the Khadgar server. This failure caused their level to be directly changed from level 120 to level 85. For the 2010 catastrophe when it was first released, this was already an upper limit. Some people have discovered a creepy thing, their characters will imitate their equipment and weapons of that era, and some people say they can't find the characters when they log in.

There has been a lot of discussion about these issues on the World of Warcraft forum, and they were also discussed later yesterday. In the video posted on YouTuber, MadSeasonShow stated that he has a total of more than a dozen roles, but almost all of them have been changed and some are no longer found.

MadSeasonShow said that he remembers that many of the characters' current positions are different from when he left the Classic WOW Gold game. What's even more surprising is that some of them turned out to be chat channels created by players, which he used to be.

Blizzard did not respond to what happened, but still defaulted to this WOW Classic Gold issue on the forum. Blizzard said they will investigate this issue. Blizzard customer support representatives said that their team is investigating the reason why the original senior role has not disappeared. They will do their best to prevent this problem from continuing to ferment, and they will find a way to return access to the senior role.

In fact, this is a phenomenon where the much older character data backup merges with the current version of the game. Many players believe that Khadgar is also merging with other servers to help increase the number of players."World of Warcraft" is a very good game, and its number of players is increasing day by day. I know that there are also many players who think this game will be very hard, because they need to take the trouble to get WOW Classic Gold. I think when you know the MMOWTS website, you will feel that all your troubles will be solved.