World of Warcraft is a role-playing game that has attracted many players, where players can start their own custom life. Various types and functions of different armor, equipment and weapons can be obtained by players here. After players put on the armor, they can switch to Sprite Darter's Wings transforming suit. This may be the first impression of all players of each other.

The four types of armor, cloth, leather, mail, and plate armor, can be collected in World of Warcraft. Different types are adapted to specific categories, and players use nine core slots to equip armor. While the armor improves the player's appearance, it can also improve its status. The quality of the armor determines the percentage of the character’s attributes. The appearance of the armor does not necessarily correspond to its impact on player data is its only drawback. Players can find different ways to make their Classic WOW Gold armor more deformable.

Transformation serves as an effect of disguising an armor or weapon. It is beneficial for those players who want to obtain the high attributes of special items while also wanting the appearance of other items. Also, if the player wants to hide the armor, this is also very advantageous. Not all items can be moved. Equipping armor and transforming cars are things players need to have at the same time.

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