When you are not going to play the game, World Of Warcraft always has a way for you to re-enter the game. This WOW Classic Gold month, Blizzard reactivated all your expired accounts during the weekend before the release of World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands, hoping that players can return to the game in a short time.

If you are a novice player entering World Of Warcraft for the first time, then I am sorry to inform you that this discount is only for old players.

Blizzard released a post called "Welcome back to the weekend", the content is mainly to hope that players can return to the World of Warcraft Classic Gold front line of the game and fight with everyone. Blizzard will provide all players with an invalid World of Warcraft account this weekend with full access to the game and all your characters without a subscription. You can access all the expansions including Battle for Azeroth, and you can also play new content to prepare for the upcoming Shadowlands.

The above means that the returning players can browse all the existing contents of the expansion including the latest "Battle for Azeroth". I think it’s interesting to look back at all the strange changes made to the new leveling experience. My last free Blizz points can help me do this. You can compress the entire upgrade experience into an extension of your choice, which is simply crazy.

But you can't check World Of Warcraft Classic in time, so the free weekend will still provide you with the privileges of major World Of Warcraft customers. If you have an inactive account, you can start the Battle.net launcher and install the game. Finally, go directly to the event on Monday, November 9.

The next day, the natural disaster invasion plan of the hadowlands began. At that time, ramblin’ shamblin’ zombies would be flooded with the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. On November 23, Shadowlands is coming soon.World of Warcraft can make players want to stop, he always has a way to let players return to this game. Players also hope to upgrade quickly in the game, so what can I do to help you? I think the MMOWTS website can provide you with the WOW Classic Gold you need in the game.