However, Mount Abu was just like a regular hill station.

The walk from my hotel to the Nakki Lake was quite a challenge because the road was frequented by drunk men in groups and I was walking alone, pretending to be Salman Khan or some ‘bhai’ of that area with my chest pumped up and arms stretched out. Perhaps my only weapon was the fact that I knew to speak Marwari, thanks to my Rajasthani neighbours.

By using Google Maps, I reached the lake and with my boat rider, I rowed for 30 mins. The experience resembled to Nainital’s Naini Lake. Post boating, I tried climbing the Toad Rock but neither my guts nor my stamina allowed me to. I planned on going back to the hotel before it turned dark.

Post dinner, I slept but was woken again as my periods had started! Just the 2nd day of the trip, and the ‘crimson wave’ had hit me. The next day was going to be the busiest. I had plans of sightseeing with Mount Abu Escorts followed by an overnight sleeper-bus journey to Jaipur. I myself know how I pulled it off. I popped a pill to avoid the pain and the blood flow was reduced too due to it. But my strength had weakened completely. I was exhausted! I reached Jaipur the next day at 5 am.

The best way to reach Mount Abu Escorts is by getting down at any major city such as Jaipur or Udaipur and then take a bus to Mount Abu. You can book a bus via Redbus. After reaching the bus depot in Mount Abu, hire a cab to your hotel. The minimum cab fare is Rs 100.

Mount Abu is a hill station that lies near the border of Gujarat, an India state where the sale of alcohol is prohibited. So when the residents want to party, they drive down to Mount Abu Call Girls. The chances are high you spot men around the restaurants and on roads who are there for nothing but consuming a lot of alcohol.

And when I had been to Mount Abu, I came across a very few families; I saw groups of men the most. And though that does not always mean you're unsafe, risking life is not advisable. I recommend going for a family-friendly resort, preferably a 3-starred resort for ensuring maximum safety. These resorts also have tie-ups with decent cabbies and the experience of touring the place will be safer and better. And although this means shelling out Rs 1300-2000 a night, it will be worth it in the end.

Where to stay in Mount Abu Escort? I had stayed at Hotel Aravali, which I recommend a hundred percent for its hospitality, rooms, staff, food, and an extremely jolly owner, whom I met personally during my stay. In case the resort is overbooked, then go for any good resort (not a lodge, not a shady place) as close to the Nakki Lake as possible. Hotel Aravali is quite close and I had walked down until the lake.

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