As the winter weather rolls in, many homeowners are trying to figure out the best way to store their Outdoor Rattan Set . Although most resin wickers are advertised as “all-weather” there is really nothing that is exempt from the forces of Mother Nature.

Clean it Before You Put it Away

Make sure you clean your wicker furniture before storing it away for the winter. You can follow these instructions to learn how to clean wicker furniture the right way. This will help preserve the finish and remove any dust or debris that may have settled. This will also keep bugs, spiders, and bees out of your patio furniture so that it looks brand new when Spring and Summer roll around next year.

Additionally, it’s important to remove any cushions from your wicker furniture. It’s common to put decorative throw pillows on the cushions, remove those as well. Removing these from the furniture gives you an awesome opportunity to clean them. We have a great blog post about properly cleaning cushions here! Clean patio cushions can really refresh your patio when summer rolls back around.

Clean Up Wicker Furniture

Before you decide to cover or store wicker furniture for the winter, you need to clean it up. The process is simple when you have wicker furniture. Start by vacuuming the furniture to get rid of surface grime and dirt. Wicker furniture can be hosed down but it takes a longer time to dry. You can simply mix dish soap with warm water then wipe down the furniture with a soft rag. Use a toothbrush or other small brush to get into the crevices in the weaving of certain wicker pieces. Some wicker furniture has wood trim. Use a mixture of wood soap and warm water to clean the wooden areas. Make sure your outdoor furniture is completely dry before you store it. If moisture or dirt is left on your furniture, mold or mildew may form during the winter months. Mold spreads fast and can cause serious damage to your wicker furniture.

Protect Your Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Once the furniture is clean and dry, you can add a protective coating to keep it looking fresh for next spring. Use a rag to apply a thin coat of paste wax to your wicker outdoor furniture. Another way to clean and polish your wicker furniture is to rub it down with a rag drenched in lemon oil. The lemon oil is protective and gives your furniture a fresh smell. The lemon also helps combat mold and mildew during the long, wet months of winter. You can further extend the life of your wicker furniture by brushing it with a coat of polyurethane or varnish every few years.

Protect Wicker Furniture with Wood Trim

If your outdoor wicker furniture has wood trim, apply a protective sealant to the wooden sections. This seals the wood against the moisture during the winter months. Moisture can make wood freeze and crack in the cold weather. Even if you use a cover, it is important to apply a protective coat to your outdoor furniture to guard it against the elements.

Protect Metal Frames

Certain wicker furniture has a metal frame. Proper maintenance can help prevent the metal components from corroding over time. Metal can rust quickly in the freezing rain and snow. This weakens and compromises the strength of the metal. Galvanized metal stands up best to the outdoor elements but can still breakdown over time. It is best to store furniture with metal framing in an indoor environment. Metal framing can also be protected by applying outdoor furniture protector. The protector is applied right to the metal frame using a paint brush. Always use this protector in a well-ventilated space and wear rubber gloves with a mask.

Storing Outdoor Cushions

Your cushions need to be put away as well but you don’t want to crush them so that they are flattened before next season. You can store them in matching wicker cushion storage boxes like these to prevent your “storage” area from sticking out like a sore thumb. The idea is to make them become a part of your decor. Cushion storage boxes use a hydraulic life and come in the same high quality wicker weave as your furniture so it adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home rather than taking away from it. If it’s time, you can also think about ordering some replacement cushions.

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