We discussed the issue of World Of Warcraft Classic's crackdown a while ago, and they were bored with World Of Warcraft fans. Social media is deeply criticizing Blizzard. Blizzard responded to a large number of bans against violators today.

If you are not familiar with the battlefield of World Of Warcraft, one thing you need to pay attention to is that anyone needs to be active and participate in the war. If you set your character to AFK, then you will be guided on the battlefield.

Some players need to enter the battlefield every few minutes in order to prevent the game from registering them as AFK. Players can use some rebates to get honor. Players don't need to Buy WOW Classic Gold log in to play games every day for games for which they pay monthly subscription fees, so they will find it interesting.

Many people don't need to spend energy in this game, they just need to automatically install third-party programs and robots that move on the battlefield. After you finish, no matter your score is high or low, you can get rewards and honors on the battlefield. These players can all use this WOW Classic Gold For Sale strategy.

The ban also pointed out that this behavior violated the "World of Warcraft" code of conduct, which is very shameful. Many players talked about their reasons for doing this, and their team was at a disadvantage. Alterac Valley is larger than Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin, AFK, as a user of these areas, looks like farming.

Blizzard takes these issues seriously. For players who really want to play the game, the fun of the game will also be greatly reduced by Blizzard. In order to peacefully experience the Alterac Valley game, they hope that Blizzard can continue to enforce these bans. Players will feel very confused at first in this game, because they are newbies who have just come into contact with this game, so they hope to find a very good way. I would like to recommend an excellent website MMOWTS for them, there are many cheap WOW Classic Gold.