In Shadowlands, players need to catch up with the former turban and the current villain Sylvanas Windrunner. The new expansion of World of Warcraft has begun. In the cutscene, we only saw a glimpse of her.

In the past ten years, Sylvanas has committed numerous war crimes. In Wrath of the Lich King, she is behind the Wrath Gate. In the cataclysm, she opposed the bombing of Gilneas country by the tribal power. Eyir of Queen Val'kyr was kidnapped by him in the legionary organization.

In this kind of bad behavior, few people can recover as a hero. In "World of Warcraft", even redemption has become a very strange thing. Some characters will return to the game and get through the difficulties, and their abilities will be resolved.

In the movie, it is more conscientious. Her heartstrings are being pulled by the cutest boy in World of Warcraft. Exactly the same are the WOW Classic Gold For Sale scenes in their movie and the iconic Lich King TV show trailer. After the trailer for "Shadow Land" came out, it was also compared. Blizzard is also considering asking fans to consider the similarities between the two characters.

The legion of the selected legion has been subverted by Blizzard. The redemption of the Legion was also recently obtained by them. Sylvanas may have a similar fate. We don't know Buy WOW Classic Gold her exact plan yet. We don't know if they betrayed the jailer. This is already within the scope of her role. She has been playing five-dimensional chess for a long time.

Sylvanas has killed a lot of people, and she has no regrets for anyone. The biggest problem here is the Battle of Gilneas and the tribal civil war that she provoked. Players always encounter many problems in the game, and they are looking for solutions. Players need to buy WOW Classic Gold on MMOWTS, which will be very helpful to them.