World of Warcraft Shadowlands has been released for nearly a month, and the ending is slowly unfolding. Players used to be dragged in twelve different directions at the end of the game. We don’t know where their time will be spent.

Regarding the content completed by players in the previous week, the Big Treasury will provide them with loot at the beginning of each week. The cache is different from the past, you can complete the plunder of the Mythic Plus dungeon here. Vault will also provide you with reward options for each content, and more options to plunder more content are also provided.

What kind of content you must do, Great Vault may not tell you. This is a great arrow that can point you in the right direction. All different types of rewards will be integrated into one place. Every week, you will move towards a specific goal.

My loot will be obtained through past expansion, and now I have the right to choose. I used a much taller item to grab a brand new weapon. The World of Warcraft Classic Gold highest level equipment in my safe deposit box is not this, but this is my biggest gain. I think it is bigger and more personalized than some new helmets.

How it effectively covers up some of the other weaknesses of Shadowlands is the most impressive point. Eventually, the equipment in the game will fall into crisis. Every week, Vault will also provide rewards for players.

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