Blizzard's current situation is that he is now in a wave of restructuring within the company's internal development team. Blizzard's dismantling of the remaining team in the news is the latest news. The classic game team was forced to dismantle after being in charge of the latest repair work of "Warcraft III" and "StarCraft". They will merge with the new team in the future.

Vicarious Visions, as a team under Activision, is also a controversial new team. In order to continue to develop and create classic games and remake masters, their existence is specifically to provide support for Blizzard. He is not a dedicated team for World of Warcraft Classic. World of Warcraft Classic is part of the World of Warcraft development team.

Schreier's news shows that this development process is extremely long. It has been a long time since Blizzard and Vicarious Visions collaborated for the first time. What they are now worried about is that it may be replaced by Blizzard's Classic Games division with a large-scale Activision subsidiary.

Team 1 is the name of this team, and this Classic WOW Gold team worked very hard in the unconfirmed "Diablo II" remake. Last year, it was the studio that released the critically acclaimed "Warcraft III" remake. But the reason for his dissolution may be due to its lack of success.

This WOW Classic Gold development will continue anyway. For a long time, we can't tell the company how serious the change will be. We hope that Blizzard can maintain its autonomy after more and more blizzards are pushed into the company. Players need to improve their gaming experience in the game, so I will recommend the cheap Classic WOW Gold from the MMOWTS website.