Recently, CCP Games announced that the community-driven space sandbox MMO EVE Online won two Guinness World Records with 14 hours of battle from December 30 to 31, 2020. EVE Online already holds four Guinness World Records.

Recently, "Battle of the Most Expensive Video Game" and "Battle of Online EVE" have both won two world records for losing the "most Titan". In October 2020, these records were obtained after the first two games. The Massacre blog post gives a detailed introduction to the timestamp of the battle. The war caused tremendous damage to both the number of ships destroyed and the EVE Echoes ISK cost of ISK broken down by numbers.

According to Buy EVE Echoes ISK Guinness, under the investigation of CCP Games, the loss of M2-XFE’s New Year’s Eve massacre was US$378,012. This amount is not the actual cost of the participants in this battle, but the value destroyed. During the battle, the record-breaking number of 257 Titan battleships destroyed was one of the main reasons for the record-breaking cost. The Titans whose destruction is nearly 20% of the Titans participating in the battle.

The latest battle of World War Bee 2 is the massacre of M2-XFE. In July 2020, they upgraded between factions of gamers. The third such general war since the game is World War Bee 2. So far, the most expensive battle in the war is the M2-XFE massacre. In the game, CCP Games has begun to build buildings on the monument in order to commemorate the battle and the players involved.

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