But at least now everything is clear. The two men sat quietly in the car. Lu Qian said: "You are tired today, go back to rest early.". You can rest assured that even if there is really any conspiracy behind Tang Muze, I will find a way to find out. Lin Shumei sat still. At ordinary times, she would have thrown her head proudly, closed the car door and left without looking at him more. Lu Qian is not in a hurry, hands on the steering wheel, patiently waiting for her. If she's going to sit here all night today, he'll stay with her all night. Do you think I'm not suitable for this line of work? She suddenly asked him, with some self-mockery, "I used to think that doing business is easy, is not to buy and sell, as long as there are good products, but also afraid of not selling out?"? As long as you have the heart, you can make a good product. In order to brew good wine, I began to study hard when I was very young. I took the best bio-fermentation major and traveled thousands of miles to Europe for further study. But even so, it can not avoid such accidents as charging sulfur dioxide twice. Not to mention selling. In this age, even the fragrance of wine is afraid of the depth of the alley. If you can't go out, things will be in your own hands. If you go too far, and the supply exceeds the demand, it will be easy to become tired of coping with beyond your ability,heavy duty racking system, and it will become impossible to make a good product. It's really self-contradictory. I finally understand my mother now. When I was a kid, I thought she was incompetent, too. Isn't she just a winery? All the people in our place drink that brand of wine, and they are afraid that no one will buy it? How could she sell the winery to your Lu family? Now I know, really.. It's not that easy 。” Lu Qian listened to her quietly and then said, "When I first became a doctor, I also had this kind of trouble. I felt that I was not suitable for this line of work.". I don't know why I chose to be a doctor. I just learned a little faster than others. In terms of talent, I can't compare with Qi Hui. In terms of love and EQ,warehouse rack manufacturer, I can't compare with Zhao Peihang. These things are necessary to become an excellent doctor. There is a saying that only after hard work can we know how important talent is. With that, both of them smiled. In fact, it's good for you to be a doctor, and you are handsome! Especially when you put on a white coat, bend down and stand like this, put your hands on the table, read books or medical records.. Shu Mei gestured, "it's so beautiful!"! Birth, old age, illness and death are already bitter enough. If you can meet such a pleasant doctor, your mood will be better and your pain will be alleviated. Maybe your illness will be cured. "When have you ever seen me reading like this?" "Well, anyway, when you were on duty, I went to your department and accidentally saw it." "Did you like me because you thought it looked good?" Shu Mei couldn't help giving him a white look: "Yes, Narrow aisle rack ,Steel racking system, ignorant girl, it's so shallow, can't you?" "It's not impossible." He suddenly pointed out of the window. "Hey, look over there!" Shu Mei was so distracted that he immediately leaned over and kissed her unexpectedly. Perhaps he was determined enough, perhaps she was really too tired today, after a short period of surprise, and did not struggle and refuse as in the past. Two people chew the tender feeling of this moment carefully, let the toss and turn between the lips be able to go deep, lasted for a long time in this narrow space. Two people who are not so perfect, in this little bit of warmth, let each other feel-in fact, you are the best. Lu Qian finally let go of her bit by bit, his lips slightly raised, and his eyes seemed to reflect the whole sea of stars: "I'm very happy.." Meimei, I'm glad you like me. If he could go back to the past, the moment he learned that she liked him, he would respond-I like you too. Love it, love it. The car is still quiet, but the atmosphere is too charming. Shu Mei pursed her lower lip and grabbed the handle of the car door. "I'm leaving, and you can go back, too." "Well, don't blame yourself. You've done a good job." He reached out and pinned the broken hair from her forehead behind her ear and comforted her by saying, "I am also responsible for the trouble of the winery this time.". Before, you wanted to help you sell wine, interviews, variety shows, and overdraw the ability of the winery to undertake business, so you had to find an agent brand. Let's slow down and take our time, shall we? I don't know whether it's the winery or their feelings. Well, let's go. She pushed open the door and got out of the car, but forgot the computer bag behind the seat. Lu Qian shook his head with a smile, picked up his bag and jumped out of the car, intending to catch up and return it to her. Before Shumei reached the opposite side of the road, a big truck came around the corner. The headlights made her confused. As soon as she stopped, danger came to her. Careful Lu Qian suddenly pulled her back behind him, and the two of them took a few big steps back and simply returned to the side of the road just now. Still in shock. You Are you all right? Shu Mei looked at his complicated and frightened expression and couldn't help asking. Lu Qian suddenly hugged her tightly. Lin Shumei. His heart was beating so fast that it seemed to burst open, and the fragments of the past, incomplete, interrupted all his thoughts in an instant. There's only one name left in my mind. Her name. Hey, what's the matter with you? Do you have a headache again? She patted him on the back. "Should I go to the hospital?"? Don't faint, I.. I can't lift you! Actually, it's his little pickup truck with manual transmission, and she can't drive it! Lu Qian hugged her for a while before he calmed down, and the fragments of her memory in his mind finally slowly returned under the comfort of her real body temperature. He let go of his arm and stared at her with burning eyes. Send you back. The union/joy is not over, and the sorrow of parting comes one after another. He walked her slowly all the way, and when he got to the door,Pallet rack supplier, he was still reluctant to leave. Lin Shumei thought he was a little strange: "I don't think you look right. I'll ask Uncle Yao to see you off later. Don't drive yourself." "I'm fine." "Lu Qian." "Well, I'll ask Uncle Yao to see me off." Lin Shumei stood on the steps and waved to him. "I'll go in first. Be careful on the way." "Mmm." The gate closed before his eyes. He did not turn away immediately, but sat down on the steps with his head against the carved fence beside him. omracking.com