Qingfeng smiled coldly. He turned around and pointed to the medicine field and said, "The spiritual root of heaven and earth is Zhenyuanzi himself. No wonder others want to remove it.". At that time, I promised Zhenyuanzi to guard the spiritual roots of heaven and earth for 1,800 years, and to build a medicinal field to help his disciples practice. As long as I planted a spiritual grass to bear seeds year after year, I would have fulfilled my promise. But I didn't do that, because I should do my best to make good connections. That's why I have the biggest and best medicine field in Kunlun Wonderland. May I ask why I have failed you? Qiao Sanren: "On behalf of the disciples of Wanfa Sect, I would like to thank the fairy boy for his help, but this is the medicine field of Wanfa Sect after all.". Although you helped Zhenyuan Patriarch to build it, it is not your medicine field, in which the elixir belongs to Wanfa Sect. Qingfeng sneered indifferently and did not answer. Mingyue blinked her eyes and asked strangely, "Brother Qingfeng and Zhenyuanzi agreed to open a medicine field to help you disciples practice. Now that 1,800 years have passed, the agreement is gone. Brother Qingfeng doesn't have to help you practice any more. Of course, he can take away the mature elixir I planted.". We have left eight hundred miles of medicinal fields and so many auspicious grass and spirit seedlings, which are the blessings and shade of the present, and you should thank them. Why are you blocking the way? Qingfeng touched Mingyue's head and said, "It's the first time I've heard you argue with someone.". Why didn't you talk like that before? The moon looked up and said,disc air diffuser, "That's what I thought. I didn't want to argue with anyone.". In fact, if they want to keep these elixirs, they can take them all before the expiration of the agreement, and Qingfeng brother can't refuse. But if you say that now, you don't have to pay any attention to it. Qingfeng said with a smile, "Since you don't have to pay attention to it.". Do you still want to pay attention? Bright Moon: "I just don't want to see brother Qingfeng embarrassed." Breeze: Your mind is too pure. If you don't think about the rest when things happen,Wall Penstocks, you can say that you are not sensible. Many truths in the world are not what you say. Mingyue: "What should I say, brother Yi Qingfeng?" Breeze: "Actually you speak also right, you also need not understand those troublesome things, just opposite have a lot of people won't listen." The two of them looked at the disciples of the Wanshou Sect who were blocking the way in front of them as if they had nothing, and even talked to themselves. Finally someone could not help but drink and scold: "Qingfeng, Mingyue.". You are too presumptuous! What is the crime of betraying the school and raving? Qiao Sanren hurriedly turned around to restrain his disciples and said, "Qingfeng and Mingyue, two golden immortals, have been guests at Wenzui Mountain for thousands of years.". You are not a disciple of Wanshou Sect. Don't talk nonsense. Many younger disciples were shocked and asked others about it. It was the first time they heard that Qingfeng and Mingyue were not disciples of Wanshou Sect, but also two Jinxian! After worshipping the Wanshou Sect, they could always ask for all kinds of spiritual elixirs from Qingfeng and Mingyue. They had long been accustomed to it, and had never thought that there would be such a thing today. "Did you see that?" The breeze asked the moon? I have done my best to give a great blessing for 1800 years, while you have helped others for 1200 years without selfishness, rapid sand filters ,disc air diffuser, but when you leave, you incur the revenge of this group of people. Why don't you like the contaminated breath of the minds of all living beings in the world? That's one of the reasons. Then he said to Qiao Sanren, "It may be reasonable to block my way, but it's wrong for you to block my way, and what you said just now is also wrong.". When I opened up the medicine field, there was no Wanshou Sect in the world. I had an agreement with Zhenyuanzi, not with Wanshou Sect. Today, I have fulfilled my promise. It has nothing to do with Wanshou Zong. I can only blame Zhenyuanzi for not explaining clearly to the disciples of later generations. If someone stands in the way and argues with me, it can only be Zhen yuanzi himself. What are you doing here? Qiao Sanren slowly drew out a ritual instrument and said, "As the contemporary head of the Wanshou Sect, I have the responsibility of inheriting the Dharma and guarding the sect. If I let you leave like this, how can I restrain my disciples and maintain the dignity of the sect?" When Qingfeng saw him offering the ritual instrument, he shook his head helplessly and said, "Don't you understand yet?"? One thousand and eight hundred years of spiritual practice with the help of elixir is the shade left by your patriarch Zhenyuanzi to future generations, not the favor I owe you. Now that the shade is over, you can ask the Patriarch for more blessings, or ask for more blessings, but you can't force me to go. The magic weapon in your hand, Qunfang Dianyan Pen, was obtained from the bright moon a hundred years ago. Do you really want to use it? Qiao Sanren stepped forward and quietly sent out a divine thought: "Fairy boy, I understand all your words. In my mind, you and Mingyue can really be called the Three Patriarchs of Longevity Sect together with Zhenyuan Daxian.". If you go to Longevity Hill to open up a fairy cave, everyone will be happy. Why bother to do so? "If I wanted to go to Longevity Hill, I would have agreed at Wuguan Village," Qingfeng replied. "Why wait until you come to persuade me?"? The elixir alone cannot cultivate the state of mind. The spiritual roots of heaven and earth are no longer there. How many more people can my elixir help to become immortals? Now that I'm leaving, today is the last time for me to enlighten the fate of immortals in Wenzui Mountain. I hope that these human disciples I have known for hundreds of years can break the meaning of the word "lucky fate". Otherwise, if I want to leave, you can't stop me. Why bother? As for whether the people in front of them can be broken, it depends on themselves. Looking at many younger disciples behind Qiao Sanren, some of them looked depressed and almost cried, while others breathed fire in their eyes as if they had some deep hatred. Some people look dazed and thoughtful, while others stare at the ground with the color of greed in their eyes. "The Great Immortal Zhenyuan really didn't explain it clearly to later generations," said Qiao Sanren. "As the head of the Wanshou Sect, I have to block your way. "Fairchild's action is really a bit of a negative idea." Qingfeng said in secret, "Immortals are not ignorant and desireless stones, nor cold-blooded and ruthless souls. Their temperament is detached and not non-existent. They can also move their minds and anger, and act according to the fate of immortals.". You have your own difficulties, then block the way! Qiao Sanren opened his mouth and shouted, "Qingfeng.". You have your own reasons. But I will do my duty of protection, and if you want to leave this place,wall penstocks, you must step on me! Qingfeng also opened his mouth and asked, "It's all right that others don't know my identity. You know that I have Jinxian Xiuwei.". Do you want to humiliate yourself? Qiao Sanren: "To seek the transcendence of life and death in spiritual practice, we must first destroy the fame of honor and disgrace.". I stopped you because I'm a guardian. It doesn't change because of your identity. 。 khnwatertreatment.com